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I Have you ever pondered deeply about the message life is sending to your senses daily? Have you ever wondered about the purpose life sets out for itself and us?

Tim Fitzgerald is a gifted writer who periodically – ‘when the 'spirit' moves him' - sets down some of his deepest insights into the answers of these questions in rhyme and verse. Those statements are collected in this volume.

'This complete collection of his poetry, "Impressions from Idle Rock" sets forth his feelings and insights about the world around us from the time Fitzgerald came of age to his retreat from Silicon Valley 30 years later.

An Omnibus collection of thought and meaning of life, Fitzgerald brings the reader directly into his private confidence as he dissects modern life and living. Several poems have appeared in National Anthologies, though most of the body of work has never seen an audience.

A doltish and persistent writer, Fitzgerald, though he prefers to work in Social Science non-fiction, has decided to release this collection to the world of another side of this versatile and productive author.

Ode to America

There’s hardly one \ in human race
who wouldn’t go at a faster pace
if it weren’t for the shoes they lace
and the other’s had on mace.

And is the day already black
who for the color of their skin they lack
a way to free their bending back
and keep clear of the wayward track?

And are we so right as to be
the only ones in the planet free
to take our leave for tea at three
and tell the others they cannot see?

For if we do not heed a-nd master
the machine that goes much faster
next time we meet the Caster
we’ll wish we were the church’s pastor.


The Village Tramp

From the\alley the aging tramp
staggered from\the cold and damp
he’d left his bottle with a friend
who said he’ld stay to the bitter end
the icy dawn broke through the fog
to awaken the next door neighbor’s dog

It spied the tramp and in a rage
drove him from\this human stage
the tramp moved down the street aways
heavy, like the world he weighs
to the corner coffee shop
where for a cup a made a stop

The other midnight watchmen starred
while in his trembling hands he bared
the price of one more kindly sip
then to the table where he finally slipped
to render all he would have hid
and\in that hour he made\his bid

‘If you do not take the tact
and always try to pass them back
you may find it is a fact
it’s the innocent upon the rack
when the money is neatly stacked
and the mighty have made their pact’

‘If it’s the end of the human race
who do you think will take my place
to continue .. or leave no trace
of the blackened missing ace?
I have lived, its not a waste
but life is only what you taste!

He talked though no one was around
then he made an un-uttered sound
his parchedlips began to tremble
in that moment he resembled
the price of what nothing cost
when life’s run out and all is lost

Then he made a sudden lunge
he gripped the table to which he clung
his life ran passing very fast
he didn’t think that he could last
then he stepped into the\cradle
for him his heart attack was fatal.

Tim Fitzgerald is a former Instructor at Cerro CosoCommunity College on the East side of the Sierra Nevada in California. He taught in the Social Sciences, and has four degrees in them from San Jose State University.

He is a leader in the Green party of California, and was a community organizer from the time he left San Jose State in 1970.

Now writing a series of 'Memoirs' reflecting his trials and tests of faith, this Book of Poems is the first glimpse of the promise to be found in this tepid mind. The poems being his first efforts to protest against a sea of troubles, and find common ground with his fellow man.


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