Does God Really Talk
Does God Really Talk
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Many readers may relate to the cover of this book in how they view God and His speaking, where He is distant and above the clouds, rather than being close and a friend.  Organized religion has perpetuated the notion of a God who is far away.  This religious system has stifled spiritual intimacy between God and people and replaced it with rules and rituals. 

Though Bible scripture and her personal experiences Dr. Washam shows that God is an intimate, personal, talking God. Who desires to be involved in every aspect of our lives...everyday issues and extraordinary trials.

Dr. Washam shares her experiences as though she were conversing with a familiar acquaintance; she speaks “to” us rather than “at” us.  Through this book, the reader will know without a doubt that God Does Talk, and that He desires to speak unto them!  The reader will learn the ways in which God speaks and the hindrances that can keep them from hearing the voice of God.

In these uncertain times it is vital that we hear and know the voice of God so that we can make good decisions that will ultimately impact the course of our lives.

One warm summer night I decided to go out for awhile and get a cold beer and a couple of drinks, I decided I didn't want to drive so I visited a neighborhood bar where I knew a lot of people that hung out there, I was sitting at the bar grooving and listening to the music and feeling I must say "quite mellow", when I distinctly heard a voice say "watch carefully, there is going to be trouble in this place, you will need to leave quickly", Well, needless to say I replied "oh no here's the voice again", Well let me tell you, I didn't really want to leave just then since I was having a good time, so instead of leaving I simply stood up attempted to finish my drink on the counter.

Within seconds after I stood up I became astonished with surprise that someone from the back of the bar began firing gunshots, which rang loudly throughout the entire bar, Before I could even realize what was actually happening, the crowd began rushing for the front door but I never moved, The crowd literally caused me to be whisked and carried to the front door because everyone began shoving with great panic and fear.

When I looked up I found myself on the outside of the building yet looking in amazement trying to figure out how I got outside without even moving and what was really going on, As I stood in front of the building shaking my head and trembling in my knees, I found myself going back to the sound of the voice, which said "watch carefully, there is going to be trouble in this place, you will need to leave quickly .." All I could say at the moment was "wow, wow" the voice told me this was going to happen and it did, it did!!

Let me ask you again "Does God really talk?“ If I would answer this question with a NO, then who was it that made the statement "watch carefully--."

Did He (God) speak to everyone in the bar and say the same thing, at the same time? Did He tell everybody else to leave, if sq, why did some people stay in their seats, while others that were in the bar got trampled and hurt, These were questions I asked myself, over and over again, but for reasons I couldn't explain, I kept coming up with the same answer, "It simply had to be God", it was the voice of God that spoke to me, yes He spoke to me once again, Hallelujah, praise the Lord!!!

Yes, love looked beyond my fault while sitting there at the bar, Jesus peeped into my heart and He breathed His Grace and Mercy upon my life on that day and spared my life yet another time, Praise Jesus!!!

Apostle Mary Washam is the Founder of both Hope Christian Tabernacle Church located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and New Beginnings Deliverance Tabernacle located in Middletown, Connecticut.

She is C.E.O of Hope ChristianAcademy in Philadelphia, Pa.  Dean of Hope Bible Institute in Philadelphia, Pa. an extension school of Eastern Bible Institute in Newark, New Jersey.

After many years of studying the Word of God, Dr. Washam received a doctorate of Philosophy in Religious Education from United Bible College and Seminary in Orlando, Florida. 

Dr. Washam is a preacher, teacher, speaker of church government and spiritual order.  Widely esteemed as an Apostle to the ministry and church at large, she had traveled throughout the United States and other continents preaching the uncompromised Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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