Poems on Love and Life
Poems on Love and Life
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Harper's Poems on Love and Life was first published in 1985. The initial printing was highly successful for a first book of poems, selling more than 4000 copies. After being out of print for several years, Poems on Love and Life is now back in print, this time with 1stbooks Library. Harper's Poems on Love and Life contains more than 100 poems plus scores of inspirational quotations on topics such as spiritual living, healthy living, romantic love, love of children, love of family, love of oneself, love of God, love of animals and other earthly creations, and love and appreciation of life itself. Readers of Poems on Love and Life have compared Harper's writings to the wisdom, spirituality, and redemptive love of Kahlil Gibran's classic book, The Prophet. Titles of treasured poems from Poems on Love and Life include "Love Me Not With Words Only," "A Wedding Pledge," "Let Us Write a Script in Our Hearts," "Advice to You My Child," "Thanks Today," "Important Things in Life," "A Humble Prayer," "Class," "Live Long, Live Well," "Thanks Mother," and "Help Me To Help Myself." Poems on Love and Life has not only been adored by the public, but it also has been used by professionals in therapeutic and educational settings.


An Instrument of Thy Song
Let Us Write a Script in Our Hearts
When Trees Were Grass
I’m in Love
Is Anybody Committed?
We Saw Within Each Other’s Eyes
We Can: A Message to Humankind
Love Me Not With Words Only
A Flower
Technology and Human Destiny
The Right Time, The Right Way
Life Is Sacred
Let Me Love You in the Morning of Your Womanhood
To Say “Hello" Is To Say “Good-bye”
Loss of a Child
Sick Birds Don’t Fly
Don’t Be a Slave
Rules of Living
Will You Love Me If...?
Love Your Chain
I Long for You
Thanks Today
Love and Life
Meaning of Life and Death
Live Long, Live Well
Hope for Hope
A Wedding Pledge
Important Things in Life
Hello, I Like You
Living and Loving Are Arts
I’m Glad I Met You
The Importance of Importance
Every Child Has a Right to Smile
Can We Wait for Those We Love?
Trees Have Personalities Too
Shine Where You Are
Advice to You My Child
Thanks Mother
Boat in Nassau
The Road to Happiness
"Why Is It So Hard to Be a Kid?"
If You Are Angry
Everyone Is Special
Our Last Night Together
Trees of Maine
A Humble Prayer
A Friend
Death of a Hero
Get Up Mighty Person
Help Me To Help Myself



To say “hello” is to say “good-bye,”
For that’s the orderly way in which things are;
Faces appear in winter to be lost in spring,
Doors open to be closed,
The sun rises and sets,
Babies come and old folks die,
And all people must laugh and cry;

Night naturally follows day,
As moon the sun;
Boredom steals from life’s excitement,
As hatred from love’s promise;

Say “hello” with enjoyment, excitement,
And appreciation;
Say “good-bye” without anger, grief, or sorrow;

To say “hello” is to say “good-bye,”
Remember, that’s just the way things are.



There are many rules to the good life,
     Among them is avoiding danger and strife;
Also, it’s more than wise,
     To maintain regular exercise;
Swim, or run, or walk each week,
     While watching daily how much you eat;
Lower your diet in salt and fat,
     And drink healthy liquids to keep your
     Inside wet;
Sing, dance, laugh, and enjoy good play,
     But work, rest, and relax each day;
Live long, live well,
     Minimize your hurry and stress;
Live long, live well,
     Keep your body at its best.

Dr. Frederick Douglas Harper has authored more than 300 published poems. His most popular poem, "A Wedding Pledge," is included in this book. It has been recorded on CD, recited in more than 5,000 weddings, translated into other languages, and reprinted in various magazines. An international scholar, educational leader, and professor of counseling, Harper has authored 12 books, including college textbooks and three other poem books. His other poem books are Romantica:On Peace and Romance (1988), Love Poems of Frederick Douglas Harper (2003), and God's Gifts: Spiritual Writings (2003). Harper's poems have been read on WPFW Radio, 89.3, in Washington, DC by Nap Turner for more than 15 years, alongside the poetry of the famous Langston Hughes. His poem books have sold throughout the USA and in numerous other countries. Harper has presented public speeches at more than 200 conferences, universities, churches, luncheons, and banquets throughout the USA and in other countries.


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