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“There is a mill which grinds by itself, swings of itself, and scatters the dust a hundred versts away.  And there is a golden pole with a golden cage on top which is also the Nail of the North.  And there is a very wise tomcat which climbs up and down this pole.  When he climbs down, he sings songs; and when he climbs up, he tells tales.”  Legend of the Ostyaks of the Siberian Irtysh River Valley

The “Winged Disk” and the “Thunderbird” are identical symbols, and they are found all over the world, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere, with the Christian Cross being the symbol’s latest incarnation.  Such identical symbols could not have just spontaneously originated in so many different cultures and languages.  These images therefore obviously refer to something that was visible in the Heavens to all the people of North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.  It is the purpose of this book to identify this heavenly object.

 “And they do not know the future mystery, or understand ancient matters.  And they do not know what is going to happen to them, and they will not save their souls from the future mystery.”  The Dead Sea Scrolls

There is no doubt that the Planet Earth’s Polar Axis has shifted during its geological history.  Evidence of such shifting can be found all over the world.  Any academic difference of opinion resides in the question of exactly when these Polar Axis Shifts occurred.  On the one hand, there are traditional scientists and geologists who date these shifts millions of years into the past, stating that there is absolutely no evidence that such shifts occurred within recent geologic times.  But on the other hand, there is the Velikovskian School which dictates that at least one of these Polar Axis Shifts, perhaps even two or three of them, occurred within recorded historic times.  This academic disagreement was partly reflected in what has become known as “The Velikovsky Affair”, in which mainly Ivy League professors such as the late astronomer Carl Sagan of Cornell University and the controversial paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould of Harvard University disputed the science of the theories of the late Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky of Princeton University.

As a longtime Velikovskian, I belong to the Velikovskian School and agree that a Polar Axis Shift did indeed occur in historic times, namely in the 16th Century BCE, as Dr. Velikovsky theorized in Worlds In Collision; and to wit, exactly in the year 1587 BCE.  The North Pole shifted from a position in the North Atlantic Ocean to its current Arctic location, and the South Pole shifted from off the southern coast of Australia to the current Antarctica.

Regardless of which side of the timeframe fence one sits on, there is a single point of agreement amongst everyone, a common perplexity: what were the precise causes of these past Polar Axis Shifts?  Most scholars admit that they could not have occurred without the intervention of a powerful external body capable of “torqueing” the Earth from one axis to another; the Earth could not shift on its own, from internally.  Speculation has ranged from a giant comet passing too close-by, or an asteroid hitting the Earth, or some unknown “cosmic body” passing in our vicinity, all on a purely unpredictable and random basis.  To date, however, no one has devised a completely satisfactory explanation for this mysterious phenomenon.  Apparently, no one knows the answer as yet.

Here I am proposing that the “cosmic agent” causing these periodic Polar Axis Shifts is the nomadic Rogue Planet X Nibiru, which was responsible for the previous catastrophe in the 16th Century BCE.  So far, no one else, including Zecharia Sitchin or even anyone within the Velikovskian School, has proposed such an alternative theory.  And I also propose that these shifts are predictable both in time and location, because these shifts occur once every 3,600 years along Polar Belts determined by a Polar Pivotal Axis, which is a line drawn straight down through the top of the Great Pyramid of Egypt and coming out in the Mid-Pacific Ocean at 30 degrees south latitude and 150 degrees west longitude, exactly opposite the Pyramid which is at 30 degrees north latitude and 30 degrees east longitude.

The arrival sequence of the Planet X Nibiru and its attempt to tether itself to Earth’s North Polar Belt by the use of an electromagnetic beam results in a pivoting, or torqueing effect, causing the Pyramid-Oceania Polar Pivotal Axis to tilt to New Polar Zones.  HOWEVER, the Great Pyramid Complex itself would STILL be located 30 degrees above the NEW Equator and 60 degrees south of the NEW North Pole, as it is today.  The same would be true for the opposite pivotal point in Oceania.  ONLY these two locations would have the same latitudinal position as before, 30 degrees above the Equator and 60 degrees away from their respective Poles.  Every other geographic location on Earth would change, some by not very much, others greatly by comparison.

And here the proposition is taken for granted that there were no traditional “Ice Ages”, that these so-called “Ice Ages” simply reflect the presence of Polar Ice in various other Polar Zones around the globe.  The ice of the present-day North and South Poles did NOT expand southwards and northwards, causing these strange ice-sheets in otherwise unfrozen modern locations.  Nevertheless, the locations of these ice-sheets would be most critical with respect to the creation of a pattern of shifting.

Rob Solàrion became interested in “catastrophism and ancient history” in 1972 and avidly pursued the ideas of Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky.  He became an adherent of the “Velikovskian School”; but following the death of Dr. Velikovsky in November 1979, this “school” fractured into smaller, often rival groups.  After a hiatus from 1980 through 1993, Rob became fascinated by the books of Zecharia Sitchin concerning Planet X Nibiru and made the assumption, now shared by many, that the “cosmic cataclysm” described by Velikovsky was caused by the “comet-planet” of Sitchin.  Subsequently Rob developed his theory of “The Cosmic Tree” by integrating these ideas with those of Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend in Hamlet’s Mill, creating his unique theory of “The Cosmic Tree”.


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