Peepers the Talking Starling
Peepers the Talking Starling
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Jim and Judi Sarkisian owned and operated A Better World (Better Worlde Galeria) for 7 years.  It was primarily a performance space, with at least 3 performances a day, including music, dance, theatre and comedy.  A meeting place for many groups, including the Nashville Songwriter’s Association, the Humanists, Mission Hills Realtors and Poetry Conspiracy; the space was adorned by a coffee shop, bookstore, boutiques and art gallery.  As you can imagine there were thousands of stories that happened around the space.  But for Judi, the most important story of all was the story of A Better World’s mascot, Peepers the Talking Starling.  In any day, there would be incredible performers and lasting memories, but nothing quite matched Judi’s twin, Peepers.  Although feathered and frail, this little starling was connected by a special spirit to many people. Judi is already writing more stories about A Better World, but the first story had to be about Peepers.

...dialed the number and waited through the recording. Peepers was sitting on her arm, pulling on the hairs. Such a beautiful little bird. Then Judi heard her phone ring. That couldn't be, she was on the phone. It rang again and she heard it being picked up and a voice said, "A Better World, this is Judi, may I help you?" Judi dropped the phone in disbelief; she must be working too hard. There is no way that little bird could have said what she thought it said. But Peepers obviously was not planning. on leaving A Better World, and repeated his greeting again, along with a few laughs that were unmistakably familiar to Judi. Judi could not possibly let a bird who talked and liked to ride on people's heads fend for itself in the outside world. A Better World had its new mascot. A customer, who knew more about birds than Judi, identified Peepers as a European Starling. The starling is related to...

Judi Sarkisian was a professional storyteller for many years.  She performed with her own company and Young Audiences as: the Fairy Godmother, the Snow Princess and Pirate Captain Morgana.  She wrote the scripts and many of the stories for hundreds of shows.  When she and Jim opened A Better World, her writing was mainly for advertisements and promotional material for artists.  She wrote an exercise book for their medical practice, Exerchair: The Exercise While You Sit in Your Chair Program and co-authored Admiral Faucett’s Naval Biography, Memoirs of a Naval Physician.  Judi writes for fun and because it is still the best way to share a good story!


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