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Conversation Pieces is a nakedly-personal autobiographic book of short stories about sex, romance, relationships and just dealing with everyday life, that is written with raw emotion, without boundaries and definitely without restrictions, as if you are reading a private diary that was never intended to be published. Conversation Pieces is also like a musician’s compilation CD of greatest hits, filled with stories of true conversations and experiences that either everyone can relate to at one time or another, or be entertained by, considering the author’s unique voice within her style of writing.  Conversation Pieces is the perfect nightstand book, once the calls have been made, at the end of a bad date or after the kids have been put to bed. It’s also a great travel companion for long flights, sitting for hours in airports, during those lazy get away vacations, or kept in an office desk for lunchtime reading as a much-needed break from the stress of the day.  Conversation Pieces promises to take you away to a different space and time.


In this chapter, I write about people I have met that have affected my life in positive ways.  The following pages describe my moments with people I have met, worked with, have or had friendships with.  Oftentimes when I didn’t have the pecuniary means to purchase materialistic gifts, my writing sufficed with a Piece especially written for them that I gift-wrapped with pretty homemade bows – hence the unconventional format.  I write about them in thanks for their unconsciously giving themselves to me as creative subjects to write about, like a Hallmark card. 

Maybe you have friends, past or present, have family members or have had the same type of working relationship with people that you have felt the same way about. For those Pieces that don’t spark a resemblance to your own life, I nevertheless hope you will be entertained.



Lovers.  We all have or have had them.  This Chapter describes some of mine.  You, as the reader, may or may not relate to my experiences, some of which will surely conjure thoughts of bad judgment on my part while others show my attempt of seeking a good and positive love, only to be rejected. Other Pieces describe moments in my life that I will always cherish.  Nevertheless, I hope you will read each Piece with an open mind and at least be entertained, albeit at my expense, as if you are part of an audience in a movie theater watching my escapades up on the Big Screen.

This Chapter singles out the heaviness of my writing with the intensity for reality about relationships and sexuality, yet creatively written, that have caused men and woman alike to relate to, enjoy reading during their own private time.  Thereafter, they would call me and we would talk about their own love affairs and relationships... hence, Conversation Pieces.

So cuddle up with your favorite comforter or pillows, turn on the CD player, put on a pot of coffee or open up a tasty bottle of wine, or choose your favorite vice.  Just a suggestion, but you may want to turn on your answering machine or forward your calls to voicemail--


LS’s Silent Eyes is someone I met in 1991, an emotional year for me after ending one 7 year relationship and after subsequent tries for another relationship, albeit with more losers.  For the first time in my life, I realized I wanted this pattern to end. L.S.’s Silent Eyes indirectly and unknowingly gave me hope and direction for a better future.

By way of background, LS’s Silent Eyes was married.  While I didn’t want, nor was I ready for, another full blown relationship, I was feeling susceptible to loneliness. When I met L.S., I hoped we would be lovers until I could get myself togetha, mentally and financially, so I would be good again for someone new.  I never thought I’d fall in love with him but I did.  

Unfortunately, and as you will read, he refused to consummate the lover’s-only relationship I wanted, waited over two years to have.  I ended the lover portion of our relationship out of sexual frustration and sought other lovers described in the previous chapter starting with the Star *69 series and continuing until the ending Piece. And by 1996, L.S. proved he couldn’t be a friend either.

*   *   *

Like so many others I’ve written about, L.S.’s Silent Eyes generated an onslaught of creativity for me as a writer, so much so that I’ve given him his own space.  Ironically, I’ve had fans relate to the following Pieces, telling me of their own relationships married or not. Hence, Conversation Pieces.

So again, cuddle up with your favorite comforter or pillows, turn on the CD player, put on a pot of coffee or open up a tasty bottle of wine, or choose your favorite vice.  Turn on your answering machine or forward your calls to voicemail, and allow me to take you away to another’s place and time.


She writes while creating pictures, images of life’s situations and of everyday people in her life that we all can relate to when we read her prose.  After years of art classes, painting and drawing to confirm a psychiatrist’s approval for aloneness, she transferred her creative, artist energy to the medium of writing about life.  She has turned the paintbrush of artistic, colorful strokes from a palette knife, into thoughts of her own private canvases for storytelling; hence her definition of “Pieces.” 

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