Legions of Light/Armies of Darkness
Legions of Light/Armies of Darkness
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Disturbing, challenging, surrealist, controversial are but a few words that reel around in my mind about this book... which will shock and stretch the reader's mind in many directions... not a light-hearted pick-and-choose collection of poems... if it's something mind-stretching and challenging you are looking for, then this book achieves that on several levels.

– David Taub

Rick Smith explores, confronts and questions the unexplained with pained honesty... expresses with his poetry profound lessons and insights with multidimensional metaphors. His candor shows true courage.

– Joan Carra

Like passing through all the heights and depths of a great mountain range at lightspeed... it hits the reader like a machine gun blasting bullets of blood and guts observation and relentless social commentary through the writer's experience... it reads like a versified new gospel for the 21st century.

– Ruth Solomon

A scintilating wake-up call!!! This remarkable book is both complex and simple, direct and subtle, and always thought-provoking. Dip into this and take away what you choose... you WILL go away enriched by the experience... fun, terrifying, funny, sweet, and heart-touching... Rick Smith deserves a much wider audience.

– David J. Koukol

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And So It Begins...

Trenches of my past,
these tears,
they burn
deep into my flesh,
face of my genes

sublime depression,
a sense of loss,
days gone by
that could not be kept
to present pace

The future,
my oyster,
lays  tracks
across my grave,
a residual effect,
emotions lying in dust

(a friend’s aging photograph : cancer’s latest victory)

(a lover’s letters smothered in vacancies : once heated passions)

Loved ones,
the baby brother,
engaged... married

Mother, I was not prepared for this

Days gone by,
I am betrayed
in the present,
my mind,
lost in vacuums
of a past

Blissful times,
when last I kissed her,
that lover
in the letters.
Manuscripts of happiness

And then...
first calling,
first amendment to my being,
by entities maternal,

Warned was I...
such treasures never last,
falling to my knees

Six years,
eons... ages ago,
all has happened
in split seconds
of a sadist,
Father Time

(whiplash : nostalgia : backwash : deja’ vu)

He remains an aftertaste
in the continuum
of my time,
my space,
trench warfare
in the DNA of my race

©1999 Rick Smith

Since 1991, Rick has been ‘downloading’ extraterrestrial information, turning it into visual and literary expressions throughout his work as an artist, poet and lecturer. His exploration into this realm began with acrylics. As time went on, the natural evolution of this exploration led him down the path of a mixed-media artist, writer and lecturer. In Legions Of Light / Armies Of Darkness he exposes his own intimate, enlightening and horrific experiences, scenarios and confrontations for the first time. As a teacher of the masses and a relentless truth machine, Rick Smith knows his calling in life as he redeems the Abduction Phenomenon away from falsehood, delivering unto the viewer a message of catalystic knowledge. Ranging in areas of politics, religion, domestic violence and sociological evolution, the far reaching implications set forth by the artist’s work become startling and hard hitting.


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