365 Days To A New Life
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Prayerforce:  365 Days To A New Life is a beautiful and well constructed journey of personal transformation through 365 prayers.  Divided into twelve for each month...the book is composed of contemporary prayers that guide the reader in making a fresh start, loving oneself, living with human duality, dealing with humanity’s baggage, making amends, honoring the feminine, creating a soulful home, affirming one’s creative power, balancing work and health, forming lasting relationships, creating abundance and nurturing spirituality. Each section features a compelling introduction with encouragement and suggestions on how to approach the challenges of modern life. The author comes from the heart in sensitively addressing a wide variety of contemporary issues-through prayer-such as problems of crime, use of television and the Internet, “soft” addictions (such as shopping), the search for authenticity, the need for stable homes, the benefit of making sex sacred and our tendency to schedule our lives instead of live them. Focused on raising our vision of humanity, this inspiring and varied collection is a year long “spiritual treatment” designed to bless you on your path to love, good health and abundance. 

February 28 - My Relationship With My Beloved Holds Two Stars

Dear God,

My Beloved holds the space for my greatness, rejoicing in my power and glory.

Likewise I delight in my lover’s beauty, strength and brilliance.

Together, we celebrate our joyful partnership

By carrying the visions for each other

And supporting each other fully.

There is no more delightful music to us

Than the sound of our wings unfolding.

Fearless in our love together, we speak our truth.

Fearless in our love together, we reach for the sky.

Fearless in our love together, we validate the truth of each other’s being.

Nothing holds us back 

As we revel in each other’s passions

And are uplifted by each other’s dreams.

As we give each other freedom to feel and express,

My lover is a great joy and a great friend in my life

Sustaining my belief in myself when doubt comes to call,

For, in our relationship, there is room for two stars to shine their brightest light.

I make a home for my Beloved now,

And my Beloved finds the way to me, sparkling like a diamond in the night.

Thank You God, for my Beloved.   


November 19 – Money Takes Care Of Me

Dear God,

By Your Grace, I have enough money and money takes care of me.

The purpose of abundance is peace.

Lord, I obtain peace through communion with You.

By Your Grace, I know the peace that comes

With communing with You in each Present Moment.

Happily, as You and I commune

You guide me to meet my material needs in ways that are most delightful

And make me feel secure.

By Your Grace, I understand that the purpose of money is not to elicit my worry

Or for me to waste my time on counting accumulations.

The purpose of money is to support my authentic spirit

And allow me full expression of my creative self.

Clyo Beck dramatically transformed her life as a result of using affirmative prayer of her own creation. Convinced, from her own experiences, that prayer constructed of present tense affirmations is most effective and frustrated over what she saw as a lack of prayer that “spoke” to her, she wrote Prayerforce: 365 Days To A New Life to assist others in addressing 21st century issues and healing contemporary life. Ms. Beck lives and writes in Tarpon Springs, Florida.  She previously published a volume of poetry entitled Reunion and is currently at work on a play. 


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