The Boogieman Guitar Method
The Boogieman Guitar Method
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Music stores, bookstores and internet music sites will find this the most useful method ever created. More than 120 topics are explored.

The guitar method is geared for the beginner, intermediate and advanced musician with something special for all guitarists. Sharing inside tips and shortcuts to enhance musical understanding and performance has never been made so understandable for both the novice and professional guitarist. The text is written to be useful in self teaching, private lessons or classroom application. The text is intended to be readable from 24 inches to accommodate the use of a music stand. Chord charts for regular positions are included and more advanced positions are charted with pictures and hand/fingering charts.

Special elements include how to master musical notation, the Grand staff, time signatures, key signatures, sharps and flats, repeat signs, chord gender identification, lead patterns for Major & minor, fingerpicking patterns with an extensive Glossary which defines musical terms, lending another educational highlight to the text. Special attention to understanding musical terms is reinforced with underlined type.

The comprehensive approach fills a void in the absence of a method covering topics for the beginner, intermediate and advanced guitar player. The guitar method is written to assist people with the enjoyment of playing guitar. It is not necessary to read music to understand the information. The book is written by a guitarist for the guitarist.

This method book is full of information for guitarists of all levels. Start at the beginning or choose topics from the "Table of Contents".  While working with a topic, refer to the "Glossary" at the back of the book to find definitions of terms underlined in each section.  If complete understanding and success does not occur on the first attempt, keep going.  The topics will work together and eventually everything will make sense.  For "advanced" players, these methods will supply variation to style and additional techniques for personal performance.  Blending these topics and methods together create personal performance style with a more knowledgeable understanding of music.  Continue musical creativity by using this method as a daily reference, year after year.  The singer/songwriter, teacher and guitarist will enhance musical skills by building on fundamentals throughout this most comprehensive text.  Enjoy and Boogieman!

The author has combined twenty years of teaching experience with forty years of performance to create the most informative guitar method ever written.  Holding degrees from Washburn University and the University of Missouri, he has shared his experience and musical knowledge with thousands of students and adults in public schools and universities.  Performing in bands throughout the United States, and being a guitarist, teacher, conductor and singer/songwriter, music has paved an endless road traveled since the day he was born.  Accomplishments, too numerous to list completely, include coordinating arrangement and performance of music for an eighty piece guitar ensemble as well as long distance learning via satellite.  The author invites guitarists to expand on topics to discover how music enhances the enjoyment and quality of life.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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Price $29.95
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