It All Adds Up
It All Adds Up
So Teach Us To Number Our Days, That We May Apply Our Hearts To Wisdom (Psalms 90 vs12)
Perfect Bound Softcover
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“Know Thy Self” is an old adage that is still meaningful today.  If you have discovered that:  you can’t be all things to all people, you can’t do all things at once, you can’t do things equally well, you can’t do all things better than everyone else and that your humanity is showing, just like everyone else, then; this book will help you: find out who you are so you can be that, decide what comes first so you can do that, discover your strengths so you can use them and teach you not to compete with others because no one else is in the business of being you.  “It All Adds Up”!!

It was the summer of 1972 when just three weeks before my first marriage, my "best man" died from an overdose. Although I considered him to be my best friend, I didn't even know that he was using. I can not describe the gut wrenching pain one feels when they loose someone dear. I know that for the first time in my life I began to ask myself questions. I experienced an inner yearning I had never known before. And, while I never spoke of this thirst to anyone, I could not help but to feel driven by this new inner quest. I had begun to thirst for the meaning, purpose and true reality of my being. Why was I here? Was death so arbitrary? If it was going to hurt so badly, did I want to go on with this thing called life?

Until this consciousness altering experience I never gave much credence to GOD or anything of a spiritual nature. I was studying to be an engineer and I placed my trust in numbers, formulas, math and science, not GOD. If you couldn't hear it, feel it, see it, taste it or smell it, to me, it wasn't real. All of this changed, however, when one day not long after my friend passed on, I was listening to the radio and heard a song entitled "The Third Eye" performed by Roy Ayers. The lyrics were mesmerizing. They spoke of "secrets of numbers, secrets of sound, secrets of wisdom to be found." Driven by my desire to KNOW, I purchased the album and discovered the writer had been inspired by a book written by Vera S. Alder (1938) entitled "The Finding of the Third Eye." Although the book introduces the reader to many metaphysical disciplines, my early training in math and science predisposed me to chapter eleven, The Science of Numbers (Numerology).

I discovered that I was a number seven (7) person and that part of my mission in life was to seek spiritual truths and teach them to others. So, after study and research, I discovered that my friends' death had put me "on the path".

Craig Wright is an ordained metaphysical minister and a certified metaphysical practitioner. He holds an undergrad degree in psychology from the University ofMaryland and a masters degree in metaphysical science from the University of Metaphysics in Studio City, California. For over 35 years Craig has conducted workshops, seminars and classes. He has a wide array of clients in the U.S. and abroad who consult with him regularly concerning higher self, higher purpose, and divine will.


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