The Alien Intimacies
The Alien Intimacies
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Jason Weathers rescues an injured woman and finds himself embroiled in an enticingly bizarre encounter with alien adventurers. The enigmatic self-named Roci joins Jason’s band of free-spirited mountain hikers for a mescaline drug experience, and he quickly becomes immersed in a dual adventure within his conscious and super-conscious realities.

Triggered by sexual orgasm into an altered state, he mind-visits our world’s ancient extraterrestrial garden colony, where embattled colonists confront a mysterious scourge of serpents. A story unfolds with provocative counterpoints between creationism and evolution as the exploration challenges Jason to solve ancient mysteries from our planet’s prehistory.

Under the guidance of a flamboyant patriarchal explorer, the theatrical Mega, Jason’s mind is opened to a vast time and space worlds cosmology, finally coming face-to-face with the roots of evil – Lucifer’s rebellion against God! Can he overcome it with unconditional love?

In another reality, Jason faces drug-busting park rangers, a perilous climb and an avalanche, all swirling around his erotically-charged relationship with an alien woman of stunning beauty and hypnotic charisma. The two are ultimately swept together to the edge of heroism or death on a windswept mountain precipice.

At the peak, Jason’s discoveries are yours in this amazing mystery tale of spiritual discoveries that stretch into God’s ‘Be Ye Perfect’ mandate and ascension plan.

Mega awakened to the soothing strands of his most favorable harmonic sound vibrations, letting them massage and focus his energies for the day.  In a moment, he came forth with a joyful smile even before opening his eyes.  He immediately thanked the One God for the new day and began to assimilate the new language implanted during the ...sleeping.

Mega pulled off the ... headset, they might call it.  His expanded mind  bank told him that English wasn't the most widely spoken language on the planet, but it was the most dominant.  It was associated with successful creatures here, or at least those who got what they wanted.  From now through the mission, it was designated for usage by ... what would be their word? We can call it ... Mission Control.

The tall, broad-shouldered Zenithian lay quietly in the sleepframe and got accustomed to thinking in English, reviewing for full mindal implantation the translations with their native language.  His large hands massaged and energized the chakra circuits in his scalp, tousling his long white hair into freefall over his bare arms. In moments, he had massaged his head into its daily productivity as an energy conduit, while also stretching the muscles of his sinewy and hard male body to limberness after the ... transit sleep, we can say.

English was, as expected, simplistic, and that would be a handicap in communicating with the explorer team on the surface,  but certainly that was often an important part of the challenge of these planetary visitations -- getting it done in the native tongue.

As he relaxed with eyes closed, he could feel that the redirected mind circuitry was connecting ever-better, beginning to flow more fluidly with the translations he needed.  The words emerged more easily into his genetically engineered mind as he needed them. Thoughts coalesced into new ways of expression.

After a few moments, Mega lifted himself gracefully from the deep cushion to do his morning exercises. They included stretching, flexing and three coordinated full body flips -- forward, then backward, then to the side. 

The word “cartwheel” slipped into the English layering of his mind as he deftly made a whirling circle around the sleepframe.  The biology was all working well. His long white hair swirled in freeflight as his finely muscled and naked body activated itself rhythmically for the new day. He flipped up precisely onto his bare feet and breathed deeply several times.

Mega turned then to the control panels to order a morning meal, noticing that the menu had already been themed for the planet they were visiting.  He ordered a Denver omelet and pancakes. After checking the composition of coffee, he decided on a hazelnut flavoring as well as the juice of what they called an orange. Ironically, it was also the name of the color. In a sidenote on the menu, he later noted that oranges were not, in fact, orange. It was a strange and deceptive planet. Things were often not what they seemed.

It was good to know that the lifedrives of the inhabitants seemed much the norm, however, the desire for wealth, power, intelligence, good food, and sexual love. And Mega knew from his mind bank that some of them loved adventure in the same spirit as did his people.

The spirit that brought them here.

Mega had loved adventure since he was a child, using his desire and talents to earn a position at the space academy. Now he was a Master Explorer, taking each adventure experience in stride and having enjoyed -- he worked through his new mathematical programming -- exactly 74 planetary visits, if he counted the abbreviated recycling stop on the Plus-2  moon of Grandfandalia. 

Mega’s experiences had mellowed him and expanded his mind up into the third layer of ... PeacePower.  He had the peace of knowing the ascension time and space plan in much of its grandeur, as a series of learning and growing experiences in the direction of perfected being, worthiness to be in the presence of ... FatherGod ... or Universal One ...  or First Source ... or Universal Father? What name would be most appropriate here?  They had so many, and ironically fought fiercely about it. Mega put the discussion onto his mind bank’s agenda for a discussion.

As he worked his mind through final English translations, Mega routinely recapped the implanted mission facts that the ship’s near 3,000 population  had received earlier, before sleep transit. He now recalled it into one of his mind’s higher layers, thinking to himself that given all the vast ethnic diversity here, it was going to an exciting adventure. 

Now that their ... mother ship (how quaint!) and ... lightdome was in cloaked station in Earth’s system, sleep state had ended, and everyone was awakening in their quarters at about the same time as Mega. More information would be forthcoming at his team’s first meeting.

The early screen briefing in Mega’s quarters gave more tantalizing clues to the new mystery-adventure that lay before them.  Mega watched it while he slipped on his white robe with the blue bird of peace emblem.

Greetings.  We give you:  Urantia -- known locally as Earth. You are per AdventYour plan to discover most fully on your own initiative. Enjoy. Return with new perspectives and expanded knowledge if possible for Control. Minimal impact directed and anticipated. Caution urged. This is a dangerous planet.

JIM CLEVELAND has had a long career in journalism, public relations, publications and marketing. He has a B.S. in journalism from the University of Southern Mississippi and an M.A. from the University of Mississippi, along with years of theological and spiritual studies. He is owner and manager of and its related periodicals, a charter director of The Stillness Foundation, and active with Urantia Book, Teaching Mission and A Course in Miracles organizations. 


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