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Cure Your Cancer
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Proven gentle, non-toxic remedies

Praised by readers in 42 countries, Bill Henderson's "Cure Your Cancer" book describes exactly how you can take control of your cancer and overcome it.  Eighty-one treatments, each of which has cured thousands of cancer patients, including "terminal" cases, are covered in this book.

Bill has spent the last three years in intense study of the Internet resources, clinics, doctors, supplements and support groups now available to you.  Augmented by his vibrant network of cancer crusaders – doctors, researchers and cancer survivors – he guides you every step of the way to vibrant health.

When his former wife, Marjorie, died on November 1st, 1994 after a four-year bout with ovarian cancer, Bill vowed that "there must be a better way" to treat cancer.  Six years later, he published the first edition of this book.  This second edition of "Cure Your Cancer," published in January 2003, incorporates all the knowledge he gained from the many doctors and cancer researchers who contributed to his 35 newsletters and from his thousands of readers all over the world.

This is "how-to" book.  It encourages you to take charge of your health and gives you the guidance you need to do just that.

"The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well."
Hippocrates (400 B.C.)

I am thrilled with the prospect of being able to help you cure your cancer or that of your loved ones.

The word cancer in your diagnosis always creates fear.  You must accept this and vow to fight it.  A cancer diagnosis is not a death notice.

An Instant Survivor Hot Line

Here's a Cancer Hot Line for you to call right now.  It is (800) 433-0464.

Richard Bloch, a cancer survivor and co-founder of the tax-preparation firm, H & R BLOCK, INC, founded this Hot Line.  In 1978, Bloch was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and given three months to live.  He is still alive and well 25 years later.

The above Hot Line connects you to a volunteer group of cancer patients who take phone calls from newly diagnosed cancer patients.  Call them now.

Many cancer patients find support groups especially helpful.  It certainly doesn't hurt to meet people who were given death sentences 10 years ago--and are still alive.

Now that you have a "lifeline" to another cancer patient, let's talk about co-doctoring, the main theme of this book

What is Co-doctoring?

Do you believe you have to co-doctor with your physician?  So do I.  Look at this as a "How To" book on co-doctoring.

First, you must understand the causes of cancer.  Then, you can intelligently evaluate treatment options.  Sensible cancer treatment involves treating the causes, not just the symptoms.

But you can't do this on your own.  To treat cancer, you must be tested often to tell if the treatment is working.  "Do it yourself" and you are almost certainly going to die of your cancer.  Learn to co-doctor and you have a good chance to regain complete health.

In other words, if you think your oncologist (cancer doctor) has all the answers, then you are wasting your time reading this book.

Two Brief Examples

Let me tell you two brief anecdotes.  A friend was hale and hearty for three full years, because she listened to me and took the natural substance (MGN-3) I bought for her.  She was nearly dead after over two years of chemotherapy for her metastasized breast cancer.  She started on the substance I gave her in October 1998 and was well (according to her oncologist) by December 1998.  She was fine for the next three years and did not continue to take it.  She danced flamenco every Friday and Saturday night at a local Spanish bistro in addition to working 50 hours a week.  Unfortunately, she continued to smoke.  Her cancer returned in November 2001.  She is very sick now and is preparing to return to her home in Spain to die.  Details are in Chapter 2.

Another gentleman with liver cancer in Atlanta, Georgia began taking the MGN-3 I recommend and shared this book with his oncologist.  His cancer went into remission in a couple of months and he is cancer-free now.  He is continuing to take the MGN-3.

Eitherof these people could be you or your loved one.  Cancer cures are available.  They are non-toxic.  They are made from natural substances.  They do not destroy your quality of life.  Instead, they rebuild your body's natural defenses.  They work on almost all kinds of cancer.  Of course, they will not work for long if you continue unhealthy lifestyle decisions like smoking and eating a "Standard American Diet" (SAD).

Why should you believe me?  Well, first because I'm not selling anything (except this e-book).   My newsletter service is free.  Second because your only other choice is to remain in "the system."  Very shortly, we will discuss the consequences of that.  And finally, because I have proven over the last two years that peo

When his former wife, Marjorie, died on November 1st, 1994 after a four-year bout with ovarian cancer, Bill vowed that "there must be a better way" to treat cancer.  Six years later, he published the first edition of his book "Cure Your Cancer."  Since early 2001, he has spent full time helping cancer patients by counseling them by phone and e-mail and publishing a bi-weekly newsletter with the latest developments in cancer therapy.

Bill retired as an Air Force Colonel in 1977 after 25 years service, including a combat tour in Vietnam.  He founded a successful software publishing company in 1978, which he sold in 1995 to devote his life to helping cancer patients and their loved ones.  


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