Wordrider's This and That
Wordrider's This and That
A Collection of Poems and Song Lyrics
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Wordrider's This and That is a mixture of poems and song lyrics about a range of feelings.  Words about love, broken hearts, things that might be silly, and abuse by husband, boyfriend, friend or family member.

I try to convey feelings that might have you touching the sky, walking with a rain cloud overhead, or maybe shaking your head in wonderment.  You might laugh, cry, or be left scratching your head.

My hope is that my poems or songs will let someone know they aren't alone in what they have been through, and that tomorrow can be better.  That faith will see you through.

I give thanks to God for giving me these words to write.  I dedicate this book to my mom, my family, my friends, and each and every person, who has helped me along the way, even the ones I don't know.  I thank them, one and all, each one that took time to read my poems even though they might not have wanted to read them.

Some people say some of my poems or songs lyrics are off the wall or too much about love.  To this, I can only say:

“The reason I write off the wall stuff is I play on the ceiling a lot.” and “It may not be love but it is close enough to chocolate to taste good.”

Moment Can Be Found


As each day takes from us,
a little more time, a little more trust,
we look around
hoping a moment can be found.

When we look at ourselves
and know we give people help,
let us pick up the pieces that fall.
So, God, our soul will call.

For our hearts to light
then what is in them must be right,
so, as we make our way,
through this old world each day,

we will come to know,
that heaven is our home.
Then we will everyday be glad,
knowing once there, we will no more be sad.


A tear froze

A tear, froze, in time,
in a picture someone took,
that one tear was mine,
oh, how I shook,

a tear caught in midair,
oh, hanging all alone.
A tear with all that power,
knowing that love went wrong.

A tear out of place,
a picture for all to see,
no smile on my face,
how can, that really be?

When a tear rules,
as a wish on a star is make,
you have the blues,
as you try to live day after day.

George Platt began writing what he calls “nonsense poetry” when he was a member of the Army during the Vietnam War.  He was later stationed in Germany, for three years, where he continued his writing, sometimes writing love poems or cards for his fellow GI’s. He is a featured author on elyrics.com. His poem, “Please God,” was the winner of the Elizabeth Anderson Campbell Award and “Him Lying There” was a winner in appreciation of WOSL Members Editors Choice Award. His motivation for writing has always been to bring a smile or a thoughtful moment of reflection to those who read his writings. Mr. Platt currently lives, where he was raised, in the foothills of the beautiful Ozark Mountains in north central Arkansas. He can usually be found at one of the local restaurants, pen & paper in hand, passionately writing or he can be contacted by emailing gwplatt@hotmail.com.

With reference to grammar, syntax and/or correct poetry protocol, while reading or listening only with the eye/ear to George's poems one might be reminded of a musical instrument in need of a moderate degree of tuning. However, reading and/or listening from the heart to those same poems one may very well be transported to Carnegie Hall in the midst of a Phil Harmonic concert. Absolutely wonderful?!
Dr. B. Michael Higginbottom 

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