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"CONTROVERSY" WOULD BE A BETTER TITLE FOR THIS BOOK. Much like those that first said the world was round! ...This book states: "DAIRY AND WHEAT PRODUCTS ARE THE TWO WORST THINGS YOU CAN EAT!" They Are The Direct Cause of: Facial Wrinkles Early In Life; Premature Aging With Reduced Physical Capabilities, A Shorter Life Span; and Makes Obesity Normal! Dairy And Wheat Products Do Have All The Nutrients Claimed, But They Do Have A Time And Place Where Natures Dictates Their Consumption, Not Science Or Custom. All the same nutrients are available in other do not have to eat Dairy and Wheat products to get needed nutrients. 39 years of gathering statistics proves this to be correct. Also, if your lifetime diet includes lots of Dairy and Wheat Products with few vegetables and fruit, you will suffer from one or more different kinds of allergies, perhaps even Asthma. You will definitely have eye problems and be prone to developing any non-contagious sickness or disease including cancer, and INCREASE THE ODDS OF PRODUCING CHILDREN WITH BIRTH DEFECTS!

“SKIN Glowing with YOU-TH" is very eye-catching to us older adults. Unknowingly, we use SKIN as an instant measuring stick in assuming an adult's age. On rare occasions, the measuring stick can be entirely wrong!

           When I first met Lorraine, I knew she wasn't young because she was too sophisticated. She had the class and poise of an older woman, and she was in the company of about 8 people over 65. I thought she was someone's daughter.  Except for lipstick, she wore no cosmetics and in the brilliant sunlight her facial skin looked like what you'd see on a magazine cover. After conversation, I revised my guess, perhaps she's 45! Since her conversation suggested that she was older, I had to ask: “I never ask a lady's age but you appear to be a young person hanging-out with all these older people!" (My father being one of them). She laughed, “I made 68 a few months ago." When I doubted her, she then produced her driver's license, laughing because I refused to believe she was 68! This woman was old enough to be my mother with more than a dozen years to spare and she looked younger than me, because I lost most of my hair by 37.

            Youthful looking skin and appearances like that? Medical professionals would call her a  freak of genetics. But with closer examination of her lifestyle, even they would disagree with their first opinion and say, "she did something to cause this phenomenon...genetics could never do this!"

Lorraine's unusual diet habits is what triggered her cells to perpetuate her youthful appearances, skin texture and glowing health. Her shoulder-length hair was thick and full; she did not have loose skin about the neck and below the eyes and cheeks; except for the hands, the skin on her shoulders and about the neck and the legs could pass for a 25-year-old;  she had all of her teeth with almost no dental work; her eyes were bright and did not reflect the usual fatigue seen in older people; she had glasses but said she only used them for fine needle-work. Her vigorous walk in high heels was charmingly feminine...typical of a well-dressed young woman rushing to go shopping. The first time I met Lorraine, her sporty coat-suit was not clingy, but her youthful shape was not concealable...this was at the Fair Grounds Race Track in New Orleans. As she eyed the horses in the paddock, she was getting the eye from young and old. At another time, she wore a low-cut blue lace blouse with a black skirt that invited second glances from everyone. Lorraine was not an expensive dresser, whatever she wore was simple with very little jewelry. However she was dressed, she gave it sophistication as she radiated youth and humor.

  As a child, Lorraine wood never drink milk...she hated it! When she made 13, she was about 18 lbs. overweight. From age 13 on, she became very weight-conscious. Lorraine would not eat cheese, bread, cakes, donuts, etc. I don't recall her saying where she was born but she grew-up on a farm in Alabama and in Mississippi. They rased peaches, pairs, pecans, vegetables,  cows, chickens / eggs, etc. Lorraine ate fruit and vegetables as often as they were available,  pork, chicken and eggs almost every day of the year. By accident of choice, Lorraine never habitually consumed any type of DAIRY or WHEAT products but they were available at home!

Shocked at Lorraine's exclusion of DAIRY and WHEAT products from her everyday diet? can get all the same nutrients from other foods! Open your mind! Throw-off the yoke of billions of dollars in advertising and antiquated scientific thinking.

Lorraine became a living biological example of over-extended youth and health by accident of N-O-T consuming "HIGH ALKALI" DAIRY and WHEAT products. Her eating and drinking habits created the ideal ACID environment within her body to perpetuate youth, defy facial wrinkles and the usual ravages of time suffered by most other people.

    As an adult, Lorraine's diet continued to be ALL ACID and included many natural ENZYMES from  raw fruits, salads and vegetables. When natural ENZYMES are combined with high protein foods, ALL of the proteins are assimilated naturally and completely. This total assimilation of proteins does not happen for most people because their digestive systems are handicapped by HIGH ALKALINITY from the Dairy and Wheat products and the lack of natural ENZYMES.  

    Lorraine's diet included mostly fresh-cooked foods like all varieties of beans, peas all varieties of of cooked vegetables, rice, corn , grits, potatoes, all varieties of fresh meats and sausages cooked in all fashions with lots of onions and sweet peppers _ NEVER ANY PASTAS. Usually every meal included something RAW: fruit, vegetables or salad. In later years, Lorraine always made vegetable-beef, onion, split-pea and other soups in larger quantities to put in her freezer. The only frozen foods she ate were the ones she cooked and froze herself. She sometimes made cornbread, Old Southern Country Style, it did not contain any wheat flour or sugar. It did contain lots of eggs, cornmeal, cornstarch, whole corn, chopped sweet peppers, salt and a dash of honey.

    Lorraine usually consumed 18 to 20 eggs every week. She said, "eggs are the most protein you can buy for the dollar", and accordingly included lots of eggs in most things she cooked... . . . . . .TO BE CONTINUED IN THE BOOK.   R.R.H.


Ralph R. Hopkins Author of "YOU-TH"

This book documents how the body actually accepts or reject nutrients in total disagreement with science!

In 1948, I attended seminars with my sister: how to care for retarded children, her first child was retarded. Questions came up, why humans had so many birth defects unlike other mammals. Doctors had opinions, compared prenatal diets, but could not agree on any particular thing. In1963, I met a lady that defied age. She was 68 years old but could pass for 28. It had to be her diet. My interest grew into a hobby that evolved into an obsession. I spent 39 years gathering statistics.I discovered everything she ate was acid and everything she avoided was alkali—all mammals have a high acid diet. This perpetuated her youth much longer, her cells absorbed nutrients constantly except when the body was active. If the blood pH had been alkali, the cells would have absorbed nutrients only when sleeping or when the body was inactive, the rest of the 24, nutrients would have been rejected. The body does not feed the cells and be hyper active at the same time. It's the pH that separates the functions. This is the reason why humans have so many birth defects, because the fetus is deprived of 24-hour nutrition. In all my comparisons, I found all people that had a consistent alkali diet, did not live as long, suffered all allergies, sicknesses and had wrinkled facial skin. The people that had a lifetime acid diet mostly had smooth facial skin, lived much longer, stayed physically active into their 80's and beyond, they could smell, hear, see, walk, chew and they never ended up with Alzheimer's. You won't find this in medical books. I had a high alkali diet into my 30's. Changed my diet to acid, now I am 90 (born 1926), very physically active and I don't have facial wrinkles. What I did for a living? I worked for a modern newspaper. That doesn't equate with science! Perhaps the only comparison here is the "comics."


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