Radiant Woman
Radiant Woman
Every Woman's Guide to Health, Healing and Rejuvenation
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Radiant Woman, Every Woman’s Guide to Health, Healing and Rejuvenation, offers many practical ideas on complimentary and holistic approaches to preventive health care. The emphasis of this book is upon creating radiant health through taking responsibility for one’s health and getting to the root cause of imbalances and disease. Radiant health is more than just feeling physically good or being disease free, it is about being filled with energy, vitality and joy so as to be able to live a high quality of life. By paying attention to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, healing and transformation can take place.

Radiance and true beauty come from within. Radiant Woman shows you how to create balance and harmony in your life through nurturing yourself by implementing life-enhancing ideas, which promote regeneration and rejuvenation.

Radiant women have an inner beauty that stands out. They are not necessarily beautiful in the traditional way, because of their outer looks, facial features, body shape or size. It is their presence that comes forth, their warmth, their joy and their way of being that makes them attractive. A radiant woman glows, her eyes sparkle and her smile dazzles. She radiates a blissful aura, her energy is powerful and centered and she is clear and positive. A radiant woman knows how to nurture and take care of herself. She takes responsibility for her health and well-being, listens to her body and pays attention to how she feels and acts accordingly.

The emphasis of this book is on creating radiant health, and healing whatever stands in the way. Radiant health is more than just feeling physically good or being disease free, it is about being filled with energy, vitality and joy, being emotionally stable and having a mental outlook that will constantly expand your horizons. Your energy level is a measure of how you feel. In order to have enough energy to do what you want to do and to fully express your creative inspiration, you have to pay attention to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of yourself. If any part is ignored, this will create an imbalance.

After many years of working with women in the fields of therapy and different healing systems including Ayurveda, managing the Surya Health and Healing Centre in Cyprus and co-ordinating the international Women’s Spiritual Network, I gained a lot of insights into the needs of women in respect to the fields of health and healing. Again and again, I would hear the same questions and cries for help and understanding and requests for more knowledge. There was so much to share but never enough time to give it. It was out of these desires, needs and requests that this book was born.

Many of the gems that it contains are based upon my knowledge and training as an Ayurvedic health consultant. It is not however primarily a book on Ayurveda, it is based upon a deep exploration into different healing modalities. It is a practical book, which enables the reader to take responsibility for their own health and healing and to open up new avenues and possibilities for healing. This book is not meant to be a replacement for medical treatment; it is a complimentary approach to health care especially in the prevention of disease and goes beyond that to include the possibility of regeneration and rejuvenation. It is full of many life-enhancing ideas, which are easily put into practise.

By directing your attention towards maintaining radiant health, it will also allow your innate wisdom to come forth and support the process. Many women have lost their intuitive knowingness; they have forgotten how to listen to the whispers of their inner wisdom, this book will help you regain that wisdom. Health and healing go hand in hand. By creating new, supportive and healthier habits, you can change the way you feel and this will be reflected outwardly. When our health improves, then both emotional and physical healing can take place and when we heal our emotional wounds and traumas, we feel more inclined to look after our health.

Each of us has the potential to become a radiant woman and to enjoy life to the full with passion and joy. It has nothing to do with age; it is about how you feel inside. You have to ignite the flame of life within and to keep it burning brightly until the last breath passes out of the body. In order to do this, you have to nurture yourself well and become aware of anything that prevents this from happening and then an amazing metamorphosis can take place.

Maggie Erotokritou is an Ayurvedic health consultant, rebirther, healer, transformational counsellor and Yoga and meditation teacher. She co-directed the Surya Centre for health and healing in Cyprus, founded the Women’s Spiritual Network and the Global Spiritual Network on the Internet and recently the Planetary Awakening Network on the Internet. She lives and works in Nicosia, Cyprus and also works in London. She gives seminars on health, healing and spiritual development and women’s issues.

Her book, Radiant Woman, Every Woman’s Guide to Health, Healing and Rejuvenation is based upon many years of personal experience of exploration into different healing modalities including Ayurveda, Esoteric Healing and Rebirthing.

She is deeply interested in the metaphysical and energetic aspects of healing and the study of consciousness and human potential.


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