Beating Cancer with Natural Medicine
Beating Cancer with Natural Medicine
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Cancer can be beaten with natural medicine, and this insider’s guide will show you how. Dr Lam is a western-trained medical doctor whose clinical practice in natural medicine has helped many overcome and prevent cancer. In this easy to read book, you will learn first hand the science, the research, and specific protocols on how you can start using natural medicine today together with or in place of conventional medicine to beat cancer. Whether your cancer is active or in remission, this is a must read if you want to win the battle against cancer.


While conventional medicine primarily treats cancer as a focal disease with localized symptoms, naturally oriented physicians think otherwise. Naturally oriented physicians think of the body as a closed internal ecosystem, and believe that it is the dysfunction of this ecosystem that is primarily responsible for the development of cancer.

No treatment, conventional or otherwise, can completely eliminate all cancer cells according to the naturally oriented physician. The reason is simple. Cancer is a systemic disease, and there are simply too many cancerous or pro-cancerous cells within the ecosystem of the body. Cancer is not a localized problem but a whole-body phenomenon of metastatic growth. Its growth process is affected by biological conditions. Non-genetically based cancer forms in the body because of toxins, the lack of oxygen, poor nutrition, and other factors such as hormonal imbalance.

Whether the cancer in our body continues to multiply depends to a large degree on our body’s biological terrain. It is this terrain that determines how the cancer is expressed.

Naturally oriented doctors view cancer as a chronic, systemic and metabolic dysfunction of the genetical intracellular makeup. In many cases, it can be considered a controllable chronic illness. Tumors are only the symptoms of the submicroscopic dysfunctional causes.

The root of cancer therefore lies in the progress of growth and metastasis, and not the tissue in which the tumor was first detected.

The naturally oriented doctor therefore fights cancer by optimizing the internal terrain and enabling the patient’s internal system to destroy the tumor. It enhances the patient’s health so that cancer cells cannot grow and multiply.

Michael Lam, MD, MPH, ABAAM, CNC is a specialist in Nutritional and Anti-Aging Medicine. He is currently the Director of Medical Education at the Academy of Anti-Aging Research, U.S.A. Dr. Lam received his Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon State University and his Doctor of Medicine degree from Loma Linda University School of Medicine, California. He also holds a Masters of Public Health, and is Board Certified by the American Board of Anti-aging Medicine. His clinical specialty focuses on the use of optimum blends of nutritional supplementation into specific protocols to rejuvenate cellular function. He is a Certified Nutritional Consultant. Dr. Lam is the author of over 50 articles in natural medicine and is a Board Examiner for the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine.



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