A Guide on Moving From Law Enforcement or the Military into a Second Career
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Transitions is a valuable, easy to read guide for law enforcement and military professionals who want to transition into the private sector. The book covers a variety of issues that public servants need to know before they begin a job search in the corporate world.

The book covers important issues encountered in a transition, such as how to plan a job search, resume preparation, finding unpublished job opportunities, and preparation for interviews. Also covered is an explanation of private sector compensation issues and advice on how to achieve success in a new career.

The author, a former Secret Service Agent and private sector executive, provides a wealth of information that is well worth the cost of the book.

As we enter the 21st century, there are more people in the public sector than ever before. The challenges presented by a growing population, a smaller world, and our national security have combined to create an increasing number of positions at various levels of government.

While their duties are varied, most public servants share several common characteristics:

  • They have never worked in the private sector; if they have, it was only for a short time.

  • During their public service careers, they will accumulate considerably less wealth than their private sector counterparts. This is especially true for those with a college education.

  • They will retire, with pensions, in their 40’s or early 50’s and most will seek second careers. These second careers will typically last from ten to twenty years.

  • While most who start second careers will wind up in the private sector, few have a clear concept of how the private sector really operates. This places them at an extreme disadvantage as they seek employment and strive to succeed in their new careers.

I have traveled extensively across the country during the past several years to present my one-day seminar" Transitioning from Law Enforcement to the Private Sector". During these presentations, and in private conversations with seminar attendees, it became very apparent that the statement made in the last bullet point translates into numerous obstacles for those in transition.

The concerns mentioned to me most frequently include:

  • Very little, if any, knowledge of how a typical business operates.
  • Problems formulating effective resumes that employers will want to read.
  • Lack of knowledge on how to pursue non-published job opportunities, which incidentally, represent about 80% of all jobs available.
  • A lack of awareness regarding private sector compensation issues.
  • Problems preparing for and handling private sector job interviews.
  • Problems with transitioning effectively into a new job and corporate culture, particularly during the first year.

As one who spent many years in both federal law enforcement and the private sector, I have a keen appreciation for the issues encountered by those in transition. In retrospect, I wish that I had been more aware the subjects covered in this book when I made my transition twenty years ago. The preparation of this book, albeit with the benefit of hindsight, was designed to help readers avoid some of the pitfalls and oversights encountered by myself and others

In this book, we will emphasize the issues most relevant to those in transition. The information provided here will hopefully increase your knowledge in key areas and better prepare you for the tasks that lies ahead. The content closely approximates what we cover in our seminar and should serve as a useful reference as you pass through the various phases of transitioning to a second career.

While this book and my seminar are designed primarily for law enforcement and military personnel, it also has considerable applicability for other career civil servants who are planning second careers.

Mike Maddaloni, a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, holds a BS in Management from La Salle University.

In 1972, Mike was commissioned as a Special Agent with the U.S. Secret Service. His career included six years as a field agent investigating crimes against the U.S. Treasury. He then served four years with the Secret Service White House Detail, where he conducted domestic and foreign security advances for both Presidents Carter and Reagan. During his career, Mike earned three Department of the Treasury Special Achievement Awards.

In 1982, Mike joined Wyeth Pharmaceuticals as Director of Security, where he was responsible for worldwide security and loss prevention programs. In 1991, he was promoted to Assistant Vice President of Worldwide Security. During his career in the private sector, Mike developed comprehensive security programs in areas that included protection of information, security for travel and special events, executive protection, crisis management, pre-employment screening, and asset protection. He handled several high profile investigations concerning theft of trade secrets, extortion, and product tampering. Mike also developed loss prevention strategies that significantly reduced company exposure to product diversion schemes and internal fraud.

In 1996, Mike formed Business Security Solutions, Inc. a security consulting firm which specializes in corporate security issues and the protection of high profile clients. He also provides transition training and support for law enforcement and military personnel who plan to move into private sector careers. During his career, Mike has worked in all fifty states and in more than thirty foreign countries.

Mike has spoken extensively on corporate security issues and has appeared on several televised talk shows to discuss a variety of security topics.

He is designated as both a certified protection professional and a certified fraud examiner. Mike maintains residences in Hilton Head, South Carolina and Philadelphia.


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