Why Me?
Why Me?
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The unexpected, intrigue and suspense; all laced with proper amounts of tension coming at unwarranted times are what propels the reader to carry on.

WHY ME is the question our protagonist LEE CAVILIER will continually ask of himself as he continues on his journey, which began ‘oh so innocently’ when he has taken an early morning call from an acquaintance.  As he points out numerous times to himself, to call him a friend would be stretching the point.

Lee always prided in the fact that he’s glib.  And most times, if not all times, to use humor to deflect any situation.  Except he soon finds he is hardly prepared to deal with all the ramifications he is placed in.

In an unassuming, benign and devious fashion he comes to realize that not being content and a bit bored with his lack of productivity can and IS more dangerous than he could ever imagine.

Ironic that, because to meet his caller that morning would furnish him with some needed cash, he’s cast amongst individuals that will place his life in grave jeopardy.  As he will mull over and over to himself: how and for what purpose is he there and more to the point, why?

Is it any wonder he also musses, WHY ME ?!

Why'd I answer? Placing the phone down my digital clock got my attention. 7:19 it read, far to early in the morning for conversation. I was annoyed for even picking it up. All I had to do was let my answering machine take it. I speculated on what message he'd have left then. Would it have made more sense than what was communicated to me? His ranting left me with only wonder and idle speculation. Damn, it was too early for this kind of reasoning... although actually, looking back, it was too late.

Having a few cups of coffee and a cigarette hadn't cleared anything up either. What was it that bothered me? And why did it trouble me so? Something in the way he sounded. It appeared as if what he was saying was scripted, like it was being read off a page, as if it was rehearsed! That called for another smoke. I kept thinking why pay him and his conversation so much mind. But I had to. I suspect he knew that also. So emphatic he was saying more than once how he just had to see me and as soon as possible. But why call me so early in the morning? Though he doesn't know me well, he knew enough about me to know I dislike talking to anyone before ten. What could he possibly want from me? I knew I'd soon find out. Curiosity was prodding me on.

All through my shower I kept playing back what he said, more importantly, how he said it. He wasn't what one would call a close friend. Why not even a close acquaintance if there be such a thing. All we shared ever so briefly was some sort of civility - suppose that's what one can call it but yet, we didn't really ever share - anything. I recall only once my returning one of his calls and that was it. Yeah, go on I told myself, play his words all back again running them through this mind of mine. Over and over it was the same; "I know you're busy but I have to, need to, see you as soon as possible. It's vital to me- and for you as well." Ah, first clue. He knew damn well I'm not busy- at all. Haven't been in years and not for my lack of trying.

Being a screenwriter, in a time it seems that film money only seems to show up to produce another high-tech adult cartoon adventure tale. No one wants anything character driven. Instead, the powers that be chose a story where in every other reel of celluloid a few cars are blown and a high body count rises in direct proportion to how many millions are to be spent making another film most intelligent people could easily miss.

Well, I'll see him, but I promised myself to let him do most of the talking. That wouldn't be the time to be my usual glib self. Sounded good to me except, I thought, were my days so uneventful that I must now, spend it conjuring a motive for the likes of Dave Sommers and, this drive as well? Will I get lost as usual? Out here fifteen years and I still can't figure it all out.

Over 30 years Mr. Bertucelli has been a Writer-Director and Producer.  Credits span from It Takes A Thief to X-Files TV presentations.

He has worked and written numerous motion pictures with such name directors as Brian DePalma, Paul Schrader, Fred Caruso, Tony Bill and Sydney Pollock to name a few.

His accomplishments have also included British television shows as Police Sergeant, The Fear Factor, as well as films as Alfie Darling, Rum Runner, Diamonds and a few more.  Noteworthy is his association with the internationally known ITC Company and working with the Sir Lew Grade whose now Lord Grade.

Words have been his livelihood.  He delights in them and believes they ought to communicate not only thoughts, but feelings coupled with emotions as well.


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