The Solid Green Birthday and Other Fables
The Solid Green Birthday and Other Fables
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The Solid Green Birthday & Other Fables is a humorous, sometimes profound and occasionally touching collection of very concise stories, and a handful of poems, dealing with everything from the living hell of graphic design ("George Washington Crossing the Delaware") to a dog with the ability to control time ("My Trick Dog") to the ritual inconvenience of parades in small town Hawaii ("The Mayberry of the Pacific").

To describe more specifically what The Solid Green Birthday is "about" is a little like attempting to describe what life is about. It simply encompasses the little events and situations that enlarge in our minds, get stuck there, and make us who we are. It's about seeing humor where it isn't supposed to exist. It's about wonder, joy, hope, pain, loss and total, overwhelming bewilderment.

Lowell's economical writing has been described as Richard Brautigan meets Dave Barry, they have a few drinks, and end up beating the crap out of each other. Whatever it is, it's unique, as titles such as "God Has a Very Big Hat," "Harold Tall Chief's Flying Saucer," "Elvis Among the Dolphins," and of course "The Solid Green Birthday" would indicate. An effortless read that will make you laugh, think and feel. And stay with you.

God Has A Very Big Hat

God has a very big hat, but He doesn't wear it much anymore because it makes Him seem too tall. Every once in a while, He will put it on for an hour or so and walk around. The angels will look up and say, "Is He getting taller, or is it just the hat?"

One day He dropped the hat and it fell all the way to earth. That was the last thing the dinosaurs ever saw.

I made a copy of this hat one time, though it was much smaller, maybe 1/1,000,000,000,000 scale. One day I was wearing my God Hat replica and an unexpected gust of wind blew it off my head. It rolled down the street like a runaway train. Sparks flew everywhere. Birds fell silently from the sky. The sun stood still. The oceans turned to blood.

I never saw it again. It still gives me nightmares. I wake up looking for my hat.

I think God was trying to tell me something, but I'm not sure what.

Kona Lowell hides out on the Big Island, Hawaii, way up in the mist, with his wife, Chee, their jellicle cat Kiko and their somewhat cat-like creature, Popo. He is also the author of the popular parody website The Dolphin Sky Foundation and the creator of its central epic character, Akiryon Baba Yat, the Moe Howard of ascended masters. When he is not writing, Kona is asleep. Please be quiet.


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