Old Italian Neighborhood Values
Old Italian Neighborhood Values
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What do the boys reared during the 50s in an old Italian neighborhood in the city of Philadelphia think about modern-day values in America?

Why not join us on September 6, 2001 at La Strega Restaurant for their annual dinner to find out?! You should be aware that the boys’ new, first-time guest is a famous New York City madam who has a lot to say.

Important subjects such as politics, religion, sex, family stability, divorce, abortion, food and spirits, among others, are heatedly discussed. Needless to say, the dinner guests are not impressed with a number of modern American values and believe that there’s an urgent need to bring back some of the old neighborhood ones.

On September 11, less than a week after the dinner, the Attack on America occurred. They all then reconvened for dinner to discuss what impact this would have on American values, if any.

It is important to note that many of the viewpoints are politically incorrect and sometimes the rough language of the old neighborhood is employed.

Meet the Dinner Guests

  • Genella, the modern madam with traditional values who shares some helpful professional inside information with the men.
  • Mario, the restaurant proprietor who loves life but has little time to truly experience it.
  • Miserabile, the pessimistic but kind congressman who fears being close to a woman.
  • Mo, the tough, bold, self-made businessman who epitomizes the classic strong male leader in the old Italian neighborhood.
  • Pignachi, the optimistic Catholic priest who sees the good in people as the driving force that can resolve many problems in our materialistic culture.
  • Pussey Rapper, the liberal media publisher with three divorced sons who has lots of experience and advice to offer on contemporary marriage.
  • Spinuzzi, the philosopher physician and problem solver who loves to observe life intellectually but uncommonly experiences it emotionally.
  • The Pig, the sensitive homosexual social worker who is ambivalent about some of the old Italian neighborhood values and raises issues that get the other diners thinking.

Stephen L. DeFelice, M.D. is the founder and chairman of FIM, the Foundation for Innovation in Medicine. He is a recognized authority on medical research and has written books on medicine and health. Reared in an old Italian neighborhood, he learned certain values that seem to have been lost in modern America. To him, coping with life is as important as conquering disease, and he hopes that this book will help you in some way.


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