Chicken on a Leash
Chicken on a Leash
Lessons in Strength of Mind
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The sibilant sound of "Girl, you know you crazy!" resonates through our common airspace matter-of-factly. We grow up with different flavors of insanity all around. For our family it was great aunt Henrietta, who stopped wearing underwear because the Lord told her so. At least that is how she interpreted the Lord’s divine message. Aunt Henrietta is proof that even the holiest require a personal crusade to stay sane.

Chicken on a Leash: Lessons in Strength in Mind recognizes the challenges of growing into personal leadership – getting from there to here – sane. It is about one African American woman of color who reaches back into her childhood diary to see where her lessons in leadership began. To her amazement, leadership was rooted in the most insane, bizarre, or even violent moments.

Susan Raleigh finds that life’s path though littered with lessons in insanity, paved the way for purposeful leadership and strength of mind in every facet of her life from the bedroom to the boardroom.

Readers will be able to wrestle with their own paths through the experiences of Dr. Susan Raleigh who eventually finds herself asking: "How did I manage to grow up sane?" The answer is amply described in thirty personality-shaping events that she adeptly calls: Lessons in Strength of Mind.

I didn’t notice him come through the door. Before he showed up, the party was going strong – the rhythmic, Caribbean music was intoxicating, and the only distraction was the occasional crashing sound of ocean waves hitting the beach house. Suddenly, his grand entrance, including a clique of three people, interrupted the mellow atmosphere of this island beach party.

Admittedly, "the man" is fine. When I first laid eyes on him, my thoughts strayed momentarily. No one needed to announce his entrance; his good looks did all the talking. Our hostess introduced him as Michael. However, I know him by another name. He towers over the other men in the room. One would think it burdensome to be that handsome. Odds are, Michael makes looking good his priority. Square jaw, high forehead, electric eyes, and toasted almond complexion add to his appeal.

He makes a beeline straight for me. Next thing you know, Michael’s gigantic hands are squeezing mine.

"Care to dance, Susan?"

Three times, I say "No." Still, he persists.

Finally I say, "No thank you, for the last time!"

It all goes right over Michael’s head. He grabs me around the waist, and jerks me onto the dance floor anyway.

"Girl, come off your pretending. You know you like me," he whispers in my ear.

I struggle to free myself from his tight grip, to no avail. The harder I pulled, the more he tugs me close to him.

"Oh hell no," he yelled at the sixteen-year-old who stood cowering at his tall ebony Creole presence. He is Mr. Pounder, a tenth grade teacher in our homegrown southern town. We are college-bound students. His target is my friend, Susan – a born-too-old honor roll student. There is unrelenting anger in Mr. Pounder’s face, the image of which draws an easy comparison to the Devil.

In between Pounder’s roars, my mind wonders off to an image of his childhood. One could easily envision him beating up on little girls non-stop, mostly the darkest-skinned girls.

Mr. Pounder swears by his doctrine of skin color when it comes to girls. Our classroom lessons are intermixed with, "Listen class, especially you boys. Dark-skinned women are mean," he insists with equal passion to upholding the virtues of bright-skinned women. "Boys, you are better off marrying a bright-skinned lady. I’m telling you, the black ones are angry because God made them dark. Can’t bleach themselves any lighter so they take it out on everyone," he lectures to a wide-eyed class. Though the class contemplates what Mr. Pounder will say next, most of us girls sat frozen. Regardless of whether skin color had anything to do with our class, Pounder seized the opportunity to put an emotional chokehold on dark-skinned girls.

Dorothea Grimes-Frederick is a Business Enhancement & Systems Engineering specialist. During her 20-year career in Fortune 500 companies, she has led major initiatives from R&D to Operations. She is recognized as a highly successful and respected problem solver and multifaceted leader with broad business experience.

She received an undergraduate degree in Physics and masters and doctoral degrees in Science Education and the Psychology of Learning.

After joining a world-renowned research laboratory, she became the first African-American woman ever promoted to a senior technical position in that organization’s 100-year history.

Dr. Grimes-Frederick brings unrivaled experience in change leadership. Her interview and frank dialogue with a group of African-American women executives was published in Working Woman magazine.


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