The Perfect Assassin
The Perfect Assassin
Lee Harvey Oswald, The CIA and Mind Control
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Hollywood movies have provided dramatic, fictional accounts of brainwashed assassins who were “programmed” by the government to unwittingly commit criminal acts. Films like "The Manchurian Candidate", "The Long Kiss Goodnight" and "Conspiracy Theory" have portrayed government-trained assassins and operatives helplessly performing unlawful deeds that ran counter to their personal codes of morality. Is there more to this theme than good drama?

Recent revelations have linked the Unabomber’s assassinations with notorious government mind control experiments from the 1950s and 1960s... experiments conducted to develop the technology for programming an assassin to commit murder against his will. Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, volunteered for what turned out to be traumatic psychological experiments under a CIA-linked psychologist during his undergraduate days at Harvard.

Researchers have long postulated connections between these CIA programs and notorious crimes such as the assassination of Robert Kennedy and his brother John Kennedy. Indeed, a classified CIA memo from the 1950s described a covert operation in which a government-programmed assassin/defector kills an American official and then is himself slain while in custody. This fantastic-sounding scenario foreshadowed the tragic events surrounding the JFK assassination in 1963. Could Lee Harvey Oswald...a defector who was slain while in police custody following his alleged assassination of an American official...have been such a CIA assassin?

Declassified CIA documents and investigations by major American newspapers and others over the years suggest dark forces may have been at work in one of the great crimes of the century. Recent press articles have revealed that Lee Harvey Oswald...the alleged “lone-nut” assassin of JFK...was more involved with ongoing CIA programs than the public was led to believe. According to a front-page article in the New York Times, he was even monitored by the FBI associating with CIA assassins just prior to the Kennedy assassination.

In an intriguing new book, The Perfect Assassin, Jerry Leonard exposes the curious parallels between proposed CIA “terminal” experiments in mind control and the events surrounding the JFK murder. Specifically, it is shown that Lee Harvey Oswald’s bizarre behavior is remarkably consistent with that of an unwitting hypno-programmed “super spy” as described in detail by a U.S. military hypnosis expert. Moreover, it is revealed that Oswald’s seemingly inexplicable behavior, when examined carefully, actually explains much about who was ultimately responsible for Kennedy’s death.

This novel theory identifying Oswald as a victim of MKULTRA, the government’s secret crash project to control human behavior and create involuntary assassins, provides a singular framework for unifying the “Oswald-as-patsy” and “Oswald-as-lone-assassin” scenarios that have dominated the public’s view of the assassination for decades. As such, it provides a new perspective on the Kennedy assassination, an event that nearly 40 years later continues to captivate and divide thoughtful members of the American public.

Read and consider the research and hypothesis posed here, and then ask yourself if perhaps the Warren Commission and the American public were duped all along.

When John F. Kennedy was assassinated November 22, 1963, in Dallas, it took the police only a short time to arrest a former U.S. Marine and defector to the Soviet Union named Lee Harvey Oswald. Before Oswald could be brought to trial, he himself was slain on national television by Jack Ruby.

Oswald was known to have led an interesting life, joining the Marines at the age of 17, defecting to the Soviet Union, returning to the States with a Russian wife (whose uncle was in the Soviet intelligence network) and subsequently participating in both pro and anti-Communist political activities. In fact, as many researchers have noted, Oswald seemed to have lived a double life, bouncing between the ideological rails of militant pro-Communism and rabid anti-Communism.

Although this duality in his ideological predispositions and activities has puzzled many researchers, this pattern may actually explain much about who was ultimately responsible for the assassination of JFK. As such, it strongly suggests that Oswald was being used as an unwitting tool of the CIA and FBI.

CIA Memo Foreshadows Kennedy Assassination

Declassified CIA documents reveal that the scenario of the assassination of a U.S. official by a defector followed by the elimination of the assassin while in police custody had been discussed as a potential intelligence operation nearly a decade prior to the infamous events in Dallas. This proposed assassination would be unique in that the killer would be a victim of CIA mind-control technology and would not necessarily be conscious of, or responsible for, what he was doing.

News of such CIA research programs to create "programmed" assassins was released to the general public in a New York Times article on February 9, 1978. This article reported the following information regarding a long-running CIA program to train mind-controlled assassins:

The Central Intelligence Agency began a study in 1954 to find out whether a person could be secretly induced to commit an assassination against his will, newly released Government documents disclosed today.

The declassified record indicates that U.S. intelligence agencies considered using these mind-control techniques (developed in programs code-named ARTICHOKE, MKDELTA and MKULTRA) to kill political figures including American officials.

Detailed information about one such planned assassination (under the project code-named ARTICHOKE) was revealed in an edited 1950s-era CIA memorandum quoted in the Times article:

"As a ‘trigger mechanism,’ for a bigger project, it was proposed that an individual, of (deleted) descent, approximately 35 years old, well educated, proficient in English and well established socially and politically in the (deleted) government be induced under Artichoke to perform an act, involuntarily, against a prominent (deleted) politician or if necessary, against an American official."[emphasis added]

The CIA memorandum continued:

"After the act of attempted assassination was performed, it was assumed that the subject would be taken into custody by the (deleted) government and thereby ‘disposed of.’"

Consider the parallels between this proposed CIA-backed assassination and the events in Dallas: Oswald, a defector, after allegedly committing the assassination of a high-level American official, Kennedy, was "taken into custody" by agents of the American government in Dallas and shortly thereafter "disposed of" by Jack Ruby on national television in the basement of a Dallas city jail.

Although news of the CIA’s assassin training program was released through the New York Times in the 1970s, it was not until 1993 (nearly 30 years after the publication of the Warren Commission Report) that a front page article in the New York Times would reveal that Oswald, the alleged "lone nut" responsible for the Kennedy assassination, had more incriminating ties to the CIA than we were originally led to believe.

On August 24, 1993, The New York Times revealed that Oswald had not only been associating with CIA assassins prior to Kennedy’s death but was under nearly constant surveillance by both the CIA and the FBI while doing it! These facts have enormous implications.

The decades of post-assassination investigative efforts have peeled away many levels of CIA disinformation designed to portray Oswald as a lone-nut assassin. These efforts have revealed numerous leads consistent with the thesis that Oswald was in fact connected with CIA operations ongoing at the time of the JFK assassination and that the CIA was fully aware of Oswald’s activities prior to the assassination. Many of these leads are also consistent with the hypothesis that CIA-backed mind-control techniques were used in the assassination.

Jerry Leonard is a physicist who has been actively involved in microelectronics research and production for over 15 years. He has numerous patents and publications related to his scientific career. In his personal research he has analyzed the extensive though hidden role American corporations played not only in creating Nazi Germany but in recruiting Nazi war criminals following the war. Jerry documents how this resulted in the continuation of the unethical human experimentation conducted in Nazi concentration camps--including mind control research, which he proposes ultimately led to the assassination of JFK.


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