Hitler is Winning
Hitler is Winning
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We thought it couldn’t happen here. We prayed it wouldn’t happen again.

But it has.

Hitler’s maniacal plan for a master race did not end with World War II. It is being systematically implemented today at an accelerating pace.

In a shocking new exposé, Hitler Is Winning, author Jerry Leonard reveals that Hitler’s quest for a global eugenics empire never ended because those who brought him and his sinister movement to power were never condemned and punished. To that end, Leonard exposes the true source of Hitler’s power and plans – the leaders of some of America’s largest corporations who not only funded the global eugenics movement but aided Hitler’s attempts to implement it through direct assistance to the Nazi war machine. Hitler Is Winning reveals not only the history of these plans but how and why these plans are being implemented today.

If you’ve suspected a hidden agenda behind the importation of thousands of Nazi war criminals to the United States, abortion on demand, human chop shops, euthanasia, bioethics, AIDS, cloning, genetic experiments, and an unending series of unethical medical testing programs conducted by the U.S. government, this book is for you.

Although the cruelty and utter disregard for human life displayed by the Nazis during the World War II era are widely recognized, the true origin of the infamous Nazi ideology of racial supremacy (which provided the rationale for the Nazis’ unprecedented crimes) has been one of the better-kept secrets of the postwar years.


As will be shown in this book, the deadly philosophy of racial purity which was used to justify the Nazi mass murder of millions of people was far from being the isolated viewpoint of a few Teutonic madmen. Far from it. Contrary to this carefully created and widely held perception, the Nazi philosophy of Aryan supremacy was the natural outgrowth of what was, at the time, considered to be a “respectable” international intellectual movement known as the eugenics movement. This movement was created and nurtured by a powerful economic elite through its financial power long before Adolph Hitler arrived on the scene to implement its theories in practice.


The international elite who subsidized the eugenics movement not only assisted Hitler with the development of his eugenics philosophy and its implementation in Nazi Germany, but assisted him in his attempts to implement it on a global scale. This criminal assistance, which took the form of direct and prolonged financial and technical aid to Hitler’s war machine (which is only now making international headlines as a result of a flood of Holocaust-related lawsuits), was to have an unprecedented and devastating impact on the world. Without this crucial and treasonous aid and trade on the part of America’s most powerful economic and political elites and their allies, Hitler would never have been able to conduct his murderous military (and eugenic) campaigns across Europe.


Unfortunately, despite the magnitude of their crimes, the global financiers and industrialists who subsidized the eugenics movement at large and its specific manifestation in Hitler’s Germany went largely unpunished after the war (as did their German counterparts). This was due to their ability (through control of the press and government policy making) to hide their role in creating the international eugenics movement as well as their ability to obscure the links between this eugenics movement and Nazi Germany.


In addition to allowing those truly responsible for the Holocaust to go unpunished, the hidden role played by the eugenic elite in creating the international eugenics movement and Nazi Germany has provided another result – the uninterrupted continuation of the eugenics movement to the present day, despite its horrific consequences in Nazi Germany.


This book will unmask this incredibly dangerous eugenics movement – still existing under various guises. In order to expose this ongoing eugenics movement, a brief history of the movement and its basic tenets will first be presented. In subsequent chapters the present state and trends of the eugenics movement will be discussed along with what I believe to be the future of the eugenics movement – based on these trends. As horrible as it sounds, it is possible that a component of this alleged modern-day, applied eugenics program included the deliberate creation and unleashing of the AIDS virus. The fantastic benefits that the AIDS catastrophe is quietly providing the eugenics movement will be discussed in Appendix A of this study, as will be the relationship between the research that made the epidemic possible and research conducted in Nazi concentration camps. Appendix B reveals that, thanks to the U.S. government, German and Japanese war criminals from the Second World War were placed in positions to help implement such a crime, which would essentially be an extension of the acts they carried out during the war.


Jerry Leonard is a physicist who has been actively involved in microelectronics research and production for over fifteen years. He has numerous patents and publications related to his scientific career. Mr. Leonard has been studying the documented history of Nazi Germany, the eugenics movement and unethical government experimentation related to viral cancer research and mind control research on human subjects for over ten years.


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