Hear the Angels Whisper
Hear the Angels Whisper
Daily Angelic Guidance
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Are you listening? It is only a whisper. Through divine inspiration, Vanessa, Reiki Master and Intuitive, has channeled a wealth of messages to help us through the day-to-day moments that challenge, strengthen, and lead us to greater spiritual growth. Vanessa presents us with 365 days of inspired Angelic messages in her new book Hear the Angels Whisper.

The messages from the angel whispers are sent to give you encouragement, strength, and inspiration. You are a special child of the universe and God keeps his eye on you through these unique angelic messengers.

A message for each day of the year is presented with a significant nurturing thought and affirmation. One can either follow them daily for the year or randomly open the book for a special message when desired.

Hear the Angels Whisper is your daily companion providing guidance, support and inspiration. For greater spiritual growth, keep a journal of your experiences with your messages. Through interactive experience with angelic guidance, you too will Hear The Angels Whisper.

Listen and you will hear. And what you hear will lead you to a greater sense of spiritual connection. Open your heart to the angel’s whisper; welcome their guidance.

Angel of All You Are

I am the Angel of All You Are here to give you support and guidance. I am the Able in your Ability. I am the Stable in your Stability. All that you are is in me, and all that I am is in you. Rest assured I am in all of your words, deeds, and thoughts, I never leave you! I am here always to give you ... Creativity and Willingness!


Willingness is the courage to begin and the strength when we fall to get back up again! Through willingness you are divinely guided. Resistance blocks the willingness to move forward in life. It blocks our creative spirit. Resistance is nothing but raw fear. It is fear that supports unwillingness. All that Spirit asks of us is that we are willing to move forward on our path. Willingness connects the conscious mind with our spiritual mind. Willingness will not always make your life easier but it will provide you the courage to face what life has to offer. It gives you courage to meet challenges to the best of your ability!

Creativity is a gift from Spirit. We create through thoughts, words, and deeds. Unfortunately creativity doesn't come with an owner’s manual; we are nonetheless assured through Spirit of our ability to create! We choose to live by default, between belief and disbelief, using the power of creativity some of the time and forgetting it other times. The creativity never lies dormant in us. When we are aware of the power we use it wisely and constructively. Being unaware of the power we use it unwisely. We create all of our experiences in life. Begin each day by seeing it as you want it to be. Create the perfect day every day. Connect with Spirit and let Spirit put the ability in your stability!


I begin each day by seeing my life, as I want it to be; I am perfectly connected to Spirit by each breath I take!

May you hear the angels whisper.

Angel of Crystal Clear Rippling Waters

I am the Angel of Crystal Clear Rippling Waters bringing quietude into your life. Grab your coffee, sit with me and relax! I want to calm your mind so that your day is untroubled by conflict. Today you will find yourself free of oppressive thoughts and emotions. All I want you to do today is experience... Tranquility and Peace!


We rush around through the day making sure we are on time for this or making sure we get this done and that done without so much as a thought as to why we RUSH through anything in life. Is it really worth getting all riled up about? What is not done today will be there waiting for you tomorrow and that is a promise we can all count on!

Take time out to smell the coffee! Smell the roses! Daydream! We create so much stress in our life that its preposterous to think any one else could possibly do a better job of it for us than we do. We are the creative genius who puts the load on our own shoulders to see how much weight they can stand before we fall down in pure exhaustion!

It’s time to stop! Quit thinking you have to take that big to do list and get the entire list completed in one day. Spreading yourself that thin definitely is not what you are here for. Remember why you are here! Again I remind you why you are here, your soul purpose on that big to do list is to remember who you are! It’s when we forget that we create stress and burden that I don’t recall putting on my to do list at all! Scratch it off yours now; shorten that TO DO LIST!


I take life one day at a time and refuse to make my to do list more than I can handle!

May you hear the angels whisper.

Vanessa is inspired by angels to share their messages with the hearts and souls of many around the world with her book. She has written self-help articles of a spiritual basis for several Internet web sites and is consulted by many for personal angel readings via the Internet. She is currently working on a second book of Angel Whispers that she intends to release in the spring of 2003.

Her angelic inspiration is heart felt by all who read her book. Her heart and soul is dedicated to sharing the angel’s love and guidance. Let the whispers of angels inspire you with love and wisdom. God Bless and listen for The Angels Whisper.

On the web: www.hearangelswhisper.com, www.angelwhispers.net

Email: angelsknowall@aol.com


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