Praying Hands Girlfriend to Girlfriend
Praying Hands "Girlfriend to Girlfriend"
Meditations, Prayers, Poetry and Encouragement for Women
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Praying Hands "Girlfriend to Girlfriend" is a book of poetry, prayers, and inspirational pep talks. This book has been compared to some of the top inspirational authors. Praying Hands on one hand causes some to look within themselves to say, "is she talking directly to me?" While on the other hand many have become emotional after reading certain excerpts from the book. Praying Hands speaks from an experienced heart and mind. S. Lynn Bryant’s nature conversations are followed by Bible verses and poetry of love gone wrong. Praying Hands speaks of how to keep keeping on in the sight of adversity. Each day's entry covers a plethora of topics that affect parents, children, friends, stress, faith, prayers, and many more. Bryant’s book is so moving and not your run of the mill traditional type book. Bryant’s voice takes you to some of those familiar and unfamiliar places.

It’s been a blessing from God to be able to sit and put this compilation of my thoughts and poetry together. I’ve added some prayers and motivational meditations for your reading pleasure. I've learned a lot of value in suffering through love gain and love loss. With Godly influences it makes it the entire better. Included are prayers that have helped me through many trials and tribulations. I am hoping that they bless you with the same since of encouragement I have received writing them, as well as with passing them on to you. Writing this book helped me heal in many ways. Remember GOD will never leave you or forsake you. Just invite him into your life. Hold onto his unchanging hand. You’ll always be glad you did. He’s your movable of the unmovable. There's something in the book for everyone. As we go through our many trials and tribulations we need someone too not only be there but also to understand. You know along with God you have the one or two friends who feel what you are going through and that you can talk to.

See this is for the women who are doing well and others who may be tired and are just about to give up. I give a few bible verses to keep you strong in the midst of the storms. I try to offer help to the one that’s thinking there’s no way out. For that single mom who may need some prayers and proverbs to help get you through it’s included as well. Some poems deal with issues some of us face in loving to soon in relationships. Not only loving but giving too much of ourselves to early in relationships. Maybe you have been molested; battered, and abandoned something in the book will encourage you to look within yourself and take your life back. To the suicidal, mental, verbally abused or just someone suffering with low self-esteem there’s food for thought for you as well. Ladies I’m here to say I feel you and you’re not alone. You can and will overcome all this drama be it men, work, life, or just an envious - jealous woman you can find the victory over it. Knowing that all things do not apply to you but maybe you know some one who the poetry can help. And by that I mean for release purposes. This book "Girlfriend to Girlfriend" is a way that we as women bond and express our feelings in mature conversational engagements. Well, which sometimes either precedes or follows with "Praying Hands." You know the conversations, "girl no he didn’t" and "girl guess what" and "girl I don’t know if I can make it", even "can you pray for me?" The bonds when created amongst friends sharing during conversations can never be broken if sincere and genuine. So for all the women out there keep your heads up and prayers to. Enjoy and by all means tell a friend or two and let’s talk girlfriend to girlfriend.



Ladies don't cast your pearls among the swine. Learn the value of your body stop giving up sex so easily. We can have any man we want and we settle for whatever and whomever. Don’t you know how easy it is to get sex? Your body is worth more than some man jumping up and down on you to leave you empty when it’s over. We hold the power in our hands and don't even know it. Keep yourself busy with ladies functions, reading and movies. Stay around Christian people. Respect, honor, and submit to God first. Then you have no problem submitting to the "right man." Not every man is worthy of your submission your time and your effort. Learn Gods love the agape love.

Learn what love looks like and what it means. Love doesn't hurt, blame, or keep a record of wrong doing. Love yourself and God and watch things change in your life. Stop being a doormat of different feet crossing your rug and getting you dirty. Ladies don’t cast your pearls among the swine. Learn the value of your body.


Different Man . . . Same Drama

Oh you met a man . . . yes you met a man
Nothing so special right?
He likes the things you do
Same taste in food and colors too
He's sweet he's caring
He's a little rough and daring
They're good in the beginning
Say and do all the right things
They’re in for the winnings
Don't believe the hype
Test that man, he'll show you the light
He's listening to be that man you want
And when you’re hooked he'll say no you don't
He has a temper, controlling and possessive
Got you thinking he's a blessing
Ask questions get the background
Listen, listen, listen, and listen
The signals are always there
Because you'll get a different man . . .
With the same damn drama


Don't Be A Pack Rat

When it comes to emotions we tend to want to take everything with us when we move. Some of us are carrying things from the past seven years. Have you ever thought about some clothing you may have had seven even ten years ago? You know styles have changed many times since then along with fads, which have come and gone in this ever-changing world. And if you have jeans or slacks that you can still fit then maybe you can get away with it. But what if you've gained weight? You're now four sizes bigger. Be honest with yourself you can't fit those clothes anymore. They're neither fashionable nor attractive fitting on you anymore. And furthermore they're taking up idle space. Think about how neat your closet could be without that added baggage. Think how free your mind could be without the added pressure of "maybe one day I can fit that." Great! Maybe one day you can be back to that size. Wouldn't you want new clothes to go with that new look, new walk, and new attitude? Well of course you do. We hurt ourselves by carrying past hurt and pain. Acknowledge it happened, it being the experience, and it was not a good place for me. Forgive those that hurt you and by all means forgive yourself. Let go and let God. Stop being a pack rat of emotions, hurt, and drama. That new person is ready to shine and walk. Stop taking all that baggage with you every time you move. Think about how clean your mind can and will be when you learn to relax, relate, and release and be at peace.

S. Lynn Bryant at the young age of fourteen began writing in her journal as a release purpose. From there she began to notice her talents with words. For many years she collected her writings for the age and time that she could one day later publish her works in many future books. Noted above that she’s an advent journal writer, she believes in helping others and suggests that one should take the time out to express one's feelings so as not to carry added baggage. She graduated from Willowridge High School, Cosmetology a year later and a women's counseling class at her church. The author is a licensed stylist of ten years from Houston, Texas, and a mother of two beautiful children. At age thirty she is an author, hairstylist, counselor, a poet who goes by the name "Freed-m," and a writer of relationships for and to women who was inspired to publish her book from a vision she says was from God in a dream. Bryant’s books are geared to women and relationships. In the meantime of writing she counsels and advises her salon clients that sit in her chair on a daily basis. In addition, she has a praying box set up where she sets aside time to pray for her clients, family, and friends. She uses her credentials for counseling from her class the church provided to her specifically for counseling to women.

In the future she plans on having an outreach program for girls and women. The outreach will teach a plethora of support, self-help, motivational, and self-esteem uplifting programs. Programs she feels we as women need.

Bryant writes to women because she feels we need to bring sisterhood back as well as unity. We need to help women be better, and demand better. We as women need to stop settling for less and selling ourselves short. She’s an active member of her church and is very thankful for the many people who have passed through her life.

Bryant gives God all the glory as she continues to raise her children, counsel, cosmetology, and pray for people and continue to write. Look forward to her future books and outreach programs.


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