Emotions of a Woman
Emotions of a Woman
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The poems in this collection were written in reflection. They portray the author’s deepest emotions about "what living will surely do." She began writing them at a time in life when she felt as if she were "coming into her own." Moving to central Illinois with her husband, she decided to do something other than teaching and began work in a greenhouse. That's when she discovered the true blend in her personality. Mother's affinity with plants, Dad's sales ability, and their joy of meeting people.

The city of Springfield proved to be a beautiful place to live, the history of it, intriguing. Happiness and contentment brought creativity to the surface and she began the "Emotions" collection. She continues to write, often adding to a new collection, telling others that they may just end up a poem!

Read, relate, laugh, cry, and remember your own.

The Beauty of Such

Yesterday I saw a little boy,
reach both small hands and touch
his mother's face
look upon her with such adoration.

She firmly, patiently moved those hands away.

I wanted to say,
No, don't turn him away

I know it is our portion
the living journey
I'm certain he often does just that.

Hold it - Cherish it
For the day will come when he's no longer there
To look at you in little boy adoration


Your heart will feel a longing
For the beauty of such.



Haunting Good-by

"Let's go", you said, "I want to be there just one more time".
Explanations left unspoken, a silent understanding from the
love that's yours and mine.

Without looking my way you said, "It's my birthday today".
I knew you wanted to say good-by and quietly walk away.

There's nothing left to keep us, but walls and roof from rain.
Only haunting memories of laughter, sadness and pain.

"It's only fitting to be here now, I was born in this very room"....
Empty today of everything but sunlight to chase the gloom.

And even though I know it's what living will surely do,
I wanted to take the melancholy and bear it all for you.
The happy tender memories cannot be lived at will. The
growing garden, the baking bread, and the sound of
piano is still.

Your brother thoughtfully handed you the small, old
chandeliers, they'd hung there in this house through
calm and tumultuous years.

They'll be carefully kept, one for each son...a treasure of
memory to be carried on.

And as the gentle summer wind rocked the Sharon rose,
instead of saying a simple good-by, a soft "adios" you chose.

After this haunting good-by was through...carrying the
remembrance of this place... the sense of loss from long ago,
did not show upon your stern face.


Where Love Lies

In the late of September
I chose a puddle of sunlight,
lifted my face to feel the warmth
upon eyelids, just above that place
where love lies.

Just days ago - or so it seems,
I found cool shade, soft breeze
to lift away drops of sweat
between my breasts upon that place
where love lies.

Just days ago - or so it seems,
Daffodils bloomed in cool of Spring.
I longed for hands to tenderly touch
my back in gentleness, upon that place
where love lies.

Just days ago - or so it seems,
in the cold, crisp air that winter brings,
I longed for arms around me strong,
to hold, to surround that place
where love lies.

Just days ago - or so it seems,
these things of hope
these things of dreams
were there

And in the light of September sun
I weep from sound of violin
and long for a gentle kiss, a caress...upon that place

where love lies.


Georgia Douglas was born and nurtured in the lakeland area of Western Kentucky. She attended a university lab school and received her college degree on the same campus. A fifth grade assignment to compile an anthology began her life long love affair with poetry. She was a teacher, worked in a greenhouse, and managed a floral shop. Now retired, she writes, gardens, conducts plant seminars, poetry readings, and occasionally does commentary for the local public radio station.

Avidly pursuing her passions for writing, travel, growing herbs and plants that vine, ballroom dancing, and the company of her family and dear friends, she lives in the house by the lake - given to her by the Prince as a gift in 1977.


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