Auto Accident Personal Injury Insurance Claim
Auto Accident Personal Injury Insurance Claim
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Auto Accident Personal Injury Insurance Claim reveals the inside secrets of claim negotiating and shows you how to settle your case for top dollar. This book will guide you through the insurance claim wilderness and provide you with the answer to that critical question: How much is my "pain and suffering" worth?

The mystery of how to place a value on your "pain and suffering" has been solved with the introduction of BASE: The Baldyga Auto Accident Settlement Evaluation Formula. It will help you to prove your losses, and to know how to present them during your negotiations. You’ll learn the all-important 4 "Values" that BASE provides for you: The PREMIUM Value, The MEAN Value, The CORE Value and The LOW Value. The BASE Formula is a simple, yet revolutionary evaluation tool.

Knowing how to guide an accident claim to a victorious payoff is not an exclusive ability, possessed by a select few. Don’t be seduced into thinking you can’t do it yourself. That simply isn’t true! This book will show you how.

If you’ve been in an accident and you’re uninformed, you have little or no concept of the ultimate value of your possible recovery. Because of this, you’re less able to make appropriate demands. As the claims negotiation process moves towards a close, you’re settlement demands are very often too low or too high. You’re ignorant of the accepted principles, which justify your demands. When you attempt to negotiate a settlement with these handicaps, you run a strong chance of being victimized.

The amount of compensation you should be paid isn’t found in a crystal ball. Rather, a number of simple factors such as the type of accident, related injuries, out-of-pocket expenses, medical costs and lost wages all go into determining how much a claim is worth. What amount an insurance company is willing to pay actually falls into a fairly narrow spectrum.

To read this book is to become informed on bodily injury claim settlement facts and details. You’ll discover how to implement BASE so you can determine the monetary value of the "pain and suffering" you’ve endured because of your injury. You’ll know what to ask for and how to negotiate it. You’ll learn how to supply the adjuster with all the documentation and proof needed to establish your claim. You’ll gain the knowledge needed to accomplish this when you read Auto Accident Personal Injury Insurance Claim. And you’ll walk away from the negotiation table with a smile on your face.


". . .Photographs of skid marks can be invaluable since they are enormously helpful in determining fault. They can be crucial in a personal injury claim because they will prove the tremendous impact your body was subjected to . . ."

". . .Color photographs of scarring, swelling, bruising and/or black-and-blue marks are dynamite additions to your claim. They can be very dramatic and add substantially to your settlement figure because they will justify your moving up, from one of the "Values" that The BASE Formula has provided you, to another. You must remember, however, that the adjuster will not be out there collecting this evidence for you; it’s up to you to do the extra work of gathering up these accident facts so you’ll obtain the maximum settlement possible. . ."


". . .The adjuster may tell you he wants you to be examined by the doctor of his choice. Beware of such a request. Doctors assigned by the insurance company are notorious for finding nothing wrong with the claimant, and for stating in their medical report that ‘there is no objective basis for your complaints’. . ."

". . .You don’t have to agree to be examined by the insurance company doctor unless your claim becomes a formal court case. Hold your ground until your attending physician has released you before you agree to be evaluated by their company physician. By then, it’s too late! So much time will have passed it will be impossible for their doctor to negate or even minimize the pain, discomfort and suffering your injury caused you. . ."


". . .Whiplash is a convenient way of designating certain accident facts that produce pain in the cervical area. The term carries no medical connotation, but there’s no question that a whiplash-type injury can be very painful and last for a long time. . ."

". . .It’s possible to be struck a blow that produced very little property damage to your motor vehicle, yet the impact caused you a whiplash-type injury. . ."


". . .Adjusters are usually assigned a heavy load of new claims each month. Because of this they are continually working to close as many files as possible, just to stay even. They’re under pressure to settle your claim - to get rid of it and move on. Most people aren’t aware of the advantage this holds for them . . ."


". . .The Baldyga Auto Accident Settlement Evaluation Formula (BASE) is an easy to use four-tiered multiplier with flexible calculations incorporated into its structure. It’s predicated on the knowledge that in the vast majority of personal injury motor vehicle accident cases, where the liability is undisputed and the soft-tissue injures are basically the same, that the settlement value arrived at (give or take 10% to 20%) is usually two, three or four times the so-called Special Damages, as detailed in CHAPTER 4. . ."

". . .Prudence dictates that in the evaluation of any bodily injury claim, some latitude must be built in when determining that figure because the facts and circumstances of every situation will vary to some degree. BASE has been constructed to accommodate these variations. . ."


". . .The first rule of bargaining with the adjuster is, never lower your demand until the adjuster makes a counter offer. . ."

". . .Most of the time an adjuster’s counter-offer, especially his first one, is negotiable. Your response should be, 'Is that your maximum authority?' Now you’re asking him to bid against himself. You’re not committing yourself to a lower figure than your initial demand . . ."

Dan Baldyga has a lifetime of experience in the field of motor vehicle accidents, personal injury, and compensation. He worked his way through college employed by a detective agency. His assignments included insurance fraud, missing persons, financial and background investigations, and undercover operations. He specialized in representing major New England insurance companies for whom he collected evidence in the inquiry of automobile accidents.

Upon graduation, Baldyga joined the United States Navy and was assigned to the Special Unit in Criminal Investigations, where his primary duty was to travel throughout the Mid-West determining negligence and bringing to a conclusion those accident cases involving government motor vehicles.

After serving in the Navy, he entered the world of insurance claims where he worked as an adjuster, was promoted to supervisor and then to claims manager. He spent the last five years of his career assisting company attorneys at court trials.

In 1968, Baldyga wrote the ground-breaking How To Settle Your Own Insurance Claim, published by Macmillan. At the time, this revolutionary concept to assist laymen with their insurance claims created a heated debate within both the insurance and legal fraternities; it was the first book to reveal the secrets surrounding the settlement of motor vehicle accident claims. It had never been done before!

Baldyga appeared on over 100 regional and national television and radio talk shows throughout the United States. His innovative book sold 57,000 copies.

His publications also include the 1983 novel, A Sailor Remembers, and his second "how to" insurance claim guide, Secrets Never Told, was released in 1998. He is a featured columnist and his articles appear monthly in Truckers 2000 and Independent Truckers Journal. His insurance claim pieces have appeared in dozens of magazines over the past several years including, Spare Time, Motorcycle Tour & Cruiser, Black Diaspora, Easy Rider, RV Magazine, Cruising Rider, Thunder Press,, and Campers Monthly.

Upon his retirement, Baldyga decided that it was time to publish the definitive self-help guide concerning motor vehicle accident personal injury claims. After examining mountains of statistics and confidential reports, he has created the Baldyga Auto Accident Settlement Evaluation (BASE) Formula. Experts have called this personal injury evaluation method, "amazing" and "revolutionary." The BASE Formula is ingenious, yet matter-of-fact, simple, yet accurate, and it eliminates the mystery of how to place a monetary value on "pain and suffering."

In his new book, Auto Accident Personal Injury Insurance Claim, Baldyga has once again broken new ground in the normally dormant, unchanging landscape of motor vehicle accident insurance claims--and helped tip the balance from the insurance companies to the consumer.

Because I'm surrounded by lawyres who argue and fight all the time I've read them all. I've always found all the other books on this subject matter to be too long and drawn out. Several of those on the market today are misleading to the point of being a downright pitch (a book written by a lawyer and reviewed by a lawyer) to con the reader into securing an attorney to handle their claim. (Question: How do I know that? Answer: Because 34 years ago I was born into a family of lawyres and we're always talking about such stuff. ) We all agree that Auto Accident Personal Injury Insurance Claim is, beyond the shadow of any doubt, the best of its kind on the market today.Baldyga's book is easy to read, comprehensive and most importantly his outstanding instructions (plus his truly innovative BASE Formula which absolutely places an accurate value n pain and suffering ) provides one with all the help they need to settle their claim for a much higher amount than they ever expected. I loved it and recommend it highly. (My family of lawyres were stunned by the inside info some of which even they weren't aware of that Mr. Baldyga has passed along in this fantastic book.)

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