Saved, Single and Satisfied
Saved, Single and Satisfied
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Saved, Single and Satisfied is a mandate. If you don't have any prospect or suspects, then you need to become satisfied with the state you are in.

We single have an opportunity to focus all our attention on the Lord. We don't have a spouse to attend. The Lord should be where our affections are placed. Being single is not a curse, it's the reverse.

Through this book, I have shared my trials of being unhappy and God's deliverance. Read and become satisfied!

You are sitting there saying, she is so dramatic. Yes, Yes! You would be dramatic, if your reality was nothing but a fantasy. I couldn't imagine making this ninety degree turn around. I asked God how, when, and who is going to help me make these drastic changes. I asked God this question over and over again? However, he did not answer, so I prayed a different prayer.

I began to pray for more patience, peace, understanding, wisdom, knowledge, and spiritual discernment. Little did I know, in order to obtain patience and peace you have to go through the battle field. To obtain wisdom, you have to become dumb. Placing aside your will and ways to embrace God's will and ways. To get knowledge you have to read and meditate on the word day and night. To receive patience, you have to be longsuffering. To learn how to be longsuffering, you have to go through many fiery trails.

My fiery trails came through my friends, family, job, finances and health. The trails did not come at once; like Job. Job had a TEN ALARM FIRE! He lost his children and stock in an evening. My fire started in one room and slowly moved throughout the house. The first year the trail of friends and finances came upon me. The second year finances and flesh. The third year finances, flesh, and family. The fourth year family, friends, and job. The fifth year flesh, finances, friends, health, and job. The six year health, health, health, and friends.

I am a single Christian woman. I attend Redeem Church of God and Prophecy in Brooklyn, NY. I am an Evangelist and youth pastor. I have my Ph.D. in Philosophy in Counseling Psychology. I have been saved and loving the Lord for eight years. I am also youth president in the United Deliverance Church of Christ Inc. I enjoy writing plays, poetry and inspirational books.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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