Superdaddies; The Series, Presents:
Superdaddies; The Series, Presents:
Daddy, I Broke My Snowball!
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Fathers sometimes get a bad rap.  Not all of them are 'deadbeats', and many really do attempt to serve and nurture their children in the way that it was intended.  Superdaddies; The Series,  touches on many situations from everyday/custodial weekend activities, to normal life experiences.  The families' adventures are the same that most ordinary families would experience across racial and socioeconomic lines.  "Daddy I broke my Snowball" is the first book of the series that discusses the relationship between a father and his daughters on one of their weekend visits together.  This winter visit enables a bonding experience with the girls, the snow, and a 'Snow-woman"
The father looked at this three little girls, as he tried to decide what they could do that could please all of them. It was pretty cold, even though in Michigan, and in January thirty-nine degrees and snow was not very cold.

Anita Gibbs is a seasoned Account Executive who was raised to believe in herself and her dreams.  As the creator of Superdaddies, The Series, she aspires to encourage a positive perception and motivation in the relationships between fathers and their children in a series of childrens books.                   The author is also an Adjunct Faculty Instructor of e-Business applications, currently resides in the metro Detroit area. and is the 'Supermom" of one son.


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