Holy Spirit: Fruit and Gifts Seminar
Holy Spirit: Fruit and Gifts Seminar
Perfect Bound Softcover
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"DR. ALTHEA M. BROWN, renowned author of Evangelism: Go Make . . . (Matt. 28:19) and Praise and Worship: Heaven's Address has been inspired to create yet another guide to help a child of God in their spiritual journey. If you seek the understanding of spiritual gifts and how they apply to you as a child of God, reading and applying Holy Spirit: Fruit and Gifts Seminar is essential to the beginning of an individual’s spiritual journey in learning the how, what, why, when, where, and who of the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit."

Rev. Debra Napier Thompson
Itinerant Deacon
Grace Metropolitan AME Church
at Adams Chapel
Rev. Eduardo K. Curry, Pastor
Charleston, South Carolina

"The Bible informs us that the Holy Spirit has deposited spiritual gifts in the followers of Christ and the fruit of the Holy Spirit will guide each of us. Dr. Althea M. Brown, in Holy Spirit: Fruit and Gifts Seminar, provides a method of identifying the gifts that the Holy Spirit has given us and demonstrates to the reader how to apply the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Her seminar will enlighten the reader to the Holy Spirit that abides in him or her personally. It is a must read book for anyone who wants to know themselves and take control of their lives. Reading Holy Spirit: Fruit and Gifts Seminar will enrich your spirit!"

Rev. Dr. Nansi Irene Rowe
Itinerant Elder
OakGrove AME Church
Dr. Robert Brumfield, Pastor
Detroit, Michigan

Dr. Althea M. Brown’s book and workbook combination,Holy Spirit: Fruit and Gifts Seminar, is a timely contribution in this end-time season of the church. It is a great tool to help the Body of Christ understand these two ministrations of the Holy Spirit. It is also timely in that it is a required teaching for the maturing of the saints.

As the Body of Christ comes into a clearer understanding of what it means to be “in Christ” and to have the “mind of Christ,” the knowledge of the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit is a required dynamic in order to produce effective ambassadors of Christ.

I thank Dr. Brown for this well needed presentation to the Body of Christ. May those who engage this teaching be strengthened in the power of God’s might, as they become identified with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Diane Chappelle
Ruth Chapel A.M.E. Church
Detroit, Michigan

ALTHEA M. BROWN received her Doctorate in Chiropractic from Life University in Marietta, Georgia. She was working as a full-time faculty member at the university when she decided to continue her spiritual journey by returning to school to study the Bible. She began taking Bible classes, facilitating evangelism seminars, teaching in prisons, and acting as chaplain for a college campus. Dr. Brown received her Master of Divinity, from Turner Theological Seminary, at the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta. Subsequently, she received her Doctorate of Ministry from the Ecumenical Theological Seminary, writing her dissertation on evangelism in the African American Church.

For over last 30 years or more, Brown has taught seminars at churches in three states. She serves as an itinerant elder in the African Methodist Episcopal Church (website: www.draltheambrown.com).
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