Twist of Fate
Twist of Fate
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This compelling novel is about a schizophrenic pedophile who rapes and kills a fiver year old girl, just outside of town. After he received the lethal injection, his liver is donated to his sister, who is dying of Hepatitis C. Jessie’s other vital organs were donated to people who desperately needed, a heart, lungs, and kidneys. Irene, Jessie’s sister found solace in knowing that he had made a positive impact in the world, through only because of a twist of fate.

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Kaye Dion, a retired licensed vocational nurse, spent most of her adult life in the nursing field after earning her Vocational Nursing Degree in 1965 from Rio Hondo College, in Whittier California. More recently, she has been spending time as a tutor of English, math, science and writing.


The mother of two grown sons, and a previously published author, Kaye Dion continues to write creatively. Kaye Dion is grateful to her friend, T.P., who launched her into the joyous world of writing. She says, she would have been paralyzed by the fear of failure, but T.P. convinced her, she would not fail.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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