The Nicholas Effect
The Nicholas Effect
A Boy's Gift to the World
Perfect Bound Softcover
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"The Nicholas Effect" is the story of the shooting of seven-year-old  Nicholas Green. It tells how the Greens' decision to donate their son's organs saved the lives of five Italians and restored the sight of two others. It covers the murder trial, the making of "Nicholas' Gift," the Jamie Lee Curtis made-for-tv movie, the bell sent by Pope John Paul II to the Greens for their memorial tower and their unceasing campaign to bring attention to the tens of thousands of deaths caused every year by the worldwide shortage of donated organs. Running through it, like a thread, is the hearbreaking journey of Nicholas' parents and little sister to make something good come out of a senseless act of violence.


Once Upon a Timeā€¦..


"Now let's get this straight," I said to myself. "He was a hero, he was a real person, and we've been in places where he lived. But he wasn't American, he wasn't British, not French, not Roman, not Greek. We've read about him but never met him." Out loud I said what I always regretted. "I give up."

"Bonnie Prince Charlie," said Nicholas, my son, with quiet satisfaction.

"You said he wasn't British."

"No, I said he wasn't English." It was true, that's what he had said. I could have kicked myself. It was the last game he ever played. Two hours later he was shot in the head by car robbers on the road to Sicily and never regained consciousness.

This last win was typical of him. He chose well, answered carefully, and had a lot of fun doing it. He never cheated. He was a joy to play games with.

It seems fitting that this radiant little creature, just seven years old, should have touched the hearts of millions of people all over the world.


Reg Green is the father of Nicholas Green, a seven-year-old California boy, who was shot in a botched robbery during a family vacation in Italy.  The decision by Reg and his wife, Maggie, to donate Nicholas' organs and corneas to seven very sick Italians, sent an electric shock around the world. Since then he has written innumerable articles on organ donation and another book, "The Gift that Heals," been interviewed by media around the world, (including Oprah, Barbara Walters and Katie Couric), and participated in making a made-for-tv movie, "Nicholas' Gift," starring Jamie Lee Curtis.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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