Divine Intervention
Divine Intervention
A Guide To Reiki Angels And Archangels
Perfect Bound Softcover
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As a pair of Christians, Angelic Communicators, Reiki Teachers, and Authors living in a post-modern world seemingly besieged by problems of all shapes and sizes, Sandye Roberts and Arthur L. Jones, III can fully appreciate the need for enlightment by many who are currently hoping for the best while preparing for the worse. Their Non-fiction book, DIVINE INTERVENTION: A Guide To Reiki Angels and Archangels, offers its readers 43 specific Members of the Angelic Realm to call upon for assistance in real-life situations. Further, they show the Readers the steps to invoke these Angels in several different ways: including prayer, meditation, affirmation, meditation, and Reiki. Using these methods will help people bring inner peace into their lives and deepen their own personal connection to GOD and their own families - regardless of their Faith and/or Religious Afflilation.

Human beings can ascend to much higher levels of consciousness and faciliate Divine Intervention rather than simply hoping for it - or waiting for it to occur randomly. Simply put, this book explains ways to achieve both for the greatest good of all who seek to do so!


Unnamed Angels


We want to give you this information; as it will help you as you rise to connect and communicate with the Angels. Many of you are aware of what we are about to say - and of course, many more are not aware. Although They do many great works (namely: Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, and the other Angels and Archangels mentioned in The Bible that we have become familiar working with and reading about), there are multitudes (literally a large, unknowable number) of Angels that have never been given names. As the veil thins and more in their Linear (Human) lives are connecting with their Higher Selves more, knowledge is being transmitted. As we wrote this book, our Guides and Angels placed upon our hearts the knowledge that many Angels have been given names by Human Communicators (psychics, seers, Angelic therapists, etc.). These fortunate people have been allowed to create names for the unnamed Angels they have been blessed enough to interact with. This practice has been observed

for eons.

We chose to use the names of beloved Family Members in the naming process for Those Angels who guide us in our daily lives and work. Within the context of this book, we are thrilled to share with each of you the names we have been granted to assign to the previously unknown and/or unnamed Angelic Beings we communicate with and receive Higher Knowledge from.  As each of them have a unique vibrational frequency and distinct energetic signature when They are in our presence, it is much easier for us Human Beings to assign names to them for the purposes of identification. This practice helps to eliminate confusion for us; and we strongly feel it will serve to prevent confusion for you, as well. From this point forward, the names we have assigned to these magnificent Angels and Archangels are listed below.



Arthur L. Jones, III is an Author of both Fiction and Non-Fiction books, a Usui Reiki Teacher, an Angelic Communicator, and a Crystal/Gemstone Enthusiast. He is the 42-year old Father of a Son from a previous Marriage.


Arthur is a 1985 Graduate of Thomasville (GA) High School - and a 1989 Graduate of Morris Brown College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature/Language. He also attended Graduate School at Valdosta State University; studying Middle Grades Education.


In his Linear life, Arthur recently left the field of Real Estate to devote himself full time to promote the literary and business ventures he and Sandye have initiated. They work side-by-side in using Reiki and their gifts as Angelic Communicators to help as many people as they possibly can as often as possible.


Sandye Roberts is an Author of both Fiction and Non-Fiction books, a Reiki Teacher, Angelic Communicator, a Crystal/Gemstone Enthusiast,a Spiritual Counselor and Messenger as well as a talented Vocalist. She is the 55-year old Mother of three Daughters, five Grandchildren and two great Grandchildren


Sandye has lived in what she calls "The Realm of Duality" (both sides of The Veil). From the age of six, Sandye has communicated with Light Beings, Pure Souls, and Divine Angels. Since then, her gifted ability to bring messages forth to those willing to accept them has been among Sandye's greatest rewards.


In 1991, Sandye lost her Mother to cancer; and soon after, the Veil opened wider for her. In 2000, Sandye crossed over - and had her greatest life-changing experience. Soon thereafter, Sandye took a two-year course in Astrology and Parapsychology; receiving an Honors Diploma. In 2008, she became a Usui Reiki Teacher.


In her Linear life, Sandy is a Certified Court Appointed Special Advocate. In that capacity, she serves as a "Voice" for Children.


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