Think Like An Entrepreneur
Think Like An Entrepreneur
Perform as A Leader
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This book was designed to guide the person with limited experience in the process of setting up and running a business venture successfully. It is based upon the practice experience and knowledge of the author in addition to the many referenced resources. This book presumes that the idea for your business has been developed, incubated and is ready to be hatched. Your venture may also be a going concern and you want to take it to the next level. You will definitely find resources here to help you.

 "This is a must read for anyone who wants to accelerate the growth of their business. Steve has presented both the tactical and psychological strategies necessary to be a successful entrepreneur. His experience and insight is invaluable for a leader who wants to make a bigger impact on their organization."
Bob Teichart
Author Motivator Teacher Shrink


Early training

Many kids have the seeds of entrepreneurship at an early age. Mine as early as 5 or 6. Anyone else have a lemon-aid stand, news paper, routes lawn mowing customers, snow shoveling or any other money making venture-I had them all. As a kid 8-10 years old I went door to door in the neighborhood collecting old newspapers and magazines with my Red Flyer wagon. Put them in a trailer in our garage and my dad would take them to a scrap yard where they would weigh them. I’d get 1 penny a pound. A ton was all the trailer would hold but $20 was a very big deal for me in 1950. Maybe if I would have hung in there I could have a giant salvage yard today? Go ahead and laugh. I knew a guy, Sam Swartz, and he made millions by creating a computer service that connected salvage auto parts throughout the country. If any part was needed it would pull it up and enable you to get it. My guess is that it or something like it is functioning today pumping out cash. (Today young entrepreneurs are doing it in many ways also just look at what some of them have done with computers and the internet.

Few top the following example. Did you ever hear of Traf-O-Data? "Trey (a nick name), Paul Allen, and another friend developed their first entrepreneurial venture: a company that created and marketed a piece of equipment they had developed called the Traf-O-Data. It was designed to collect and make sense of the information generated by those little car-counting devices you've probably seen hundreds of times - a thin hose stretched across a road and connected to a black box. The Traf-O-Data took the raw data from all those little black boxes and created a graph that gave you an hour-by-hour picture of each day's traffic flow. (This story is amazing)

Instinct verses knowledge

Is instinct alone enough? Most entrepreneurs have pretty good basic instincts when it comes to their self preservation or success. Street smarts, experience and people intuition have been learned from life experiences. They repel environments that want to control or cap their instincts naturally. For the most part those are positive things which may save you in the future as in the past. Please pay attention to this however! You are probably entering a different game to some degree and it will be a lot easier for you if you will accept the concept "that you don’t know what you don’t know". It is crucial for you to set some things up right from the start and increase you success odds by minimizing wasted time, money and energy. I was just in Atlanta at a 3 day business meeting and had the opportunity to listen to 7 speakers on business building. All were generating high six and seven figure incomes ranging in experience of 6-20 years. All varied by gender, product or service, geography, market style and so on. Yet, they all had one thing in common. They each had a personal business coach, trainer or tutor. I totally support this practice and have personally invested more than $250,000 in fees to my coaches over the years.

Entrepreneur defined

An entrepreneur is someone who pursues his or her own vision using other people’s time, talent and resources. Is this what you would write? Look closely at it. What it says is first; there is a vision and then people and resources are assembled by the creator of the vision in the pursuit of fulfilling the vision.

Steve Mellinger is an “Entrepreneur” with unique information, experience, skill sets and social networks. He likes to look at business to include both numbers and human impact. His earned degrees are BS, Education, and MA, Psychology with doctoral studies. As a practitioner in the Financial Services industry he carried CLU and Series 7 credentials for many years. His interest in financial planning, wealth accumulation, wealth management drove him to earn the CSPG (Certified Specialist in Planned Giving) credential dealing with many issues of property and philanthropy. He has built sales organizations, produced training programs, organizational development, individual performance coaching, and nonprofit consulting. Along his career path he has formed relationships that allow him to help with real estate investments. He currently has a Real Estate practice dealing with site development in commercial and multifamily projects. Author of “Think Like an Entrepreneur-Perform as A Leader” and “How to Profit in Any Economy, Commercial real Estate Tactics” which are available on Also


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