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What would a visitor from space think if all they found was the remains of the wireless transmission towers spread out on a barren terrain?  What caused it?  What did the inhabitants look like?  Were these objects lying here the skeletons of once living beings?   Was there a God or Gods involved in this?  Was it the work of a devil?  If temptations and sins that were never committed where they came from arose while here on this earth how would they react? What would be the outcome of their transgressions? What personal conflicts would come into being among the alien investgars?

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The writer graduated from Michigan State University in 1948 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration.  Don worked 25 years at Reo Motors, Inc. and subsequently at Diamond Reo Trucks in Lansing, Michigan.  After Diamond Reo closed he was employed as the Director of Purchasing and Materials at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing and at Lapeer Regional Hospital in Lapeer, Michigan for 15 years.  After retiring in 1990 he traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada becoming fascinated by the ever increasing number and the different designs of the wireless transmission towers across the country.  The past 3 years he has traveled coast to coast in a motor home taking photos of the various towers rising all over the country side.  As he traveled Don wondered what a creature arriving here from outer space would think if all they saw were the remains of the towers laying on the ground after a tragic destruction of all life on the earth.  The book was written speculating in the writers mind what might happen.

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