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For thousands of years humans looked to the stars for navigation, deities, personality insights, predictions and omens about the future. What can we learn from these heavenly bodies? The Bible says that the Lord placed them there as faithful witnesses to mark the seasons, the days, and the times. The Bible also tells of Wise Men from the east that followed a star to Bethlehem to find a king. What other events might be revealed by the movement of the stars and planets? Is there more hidden in the stars? Is there a Star Code?

When I was looking for the rising of the Antichrist on the suspected date, while using the Stellarium, I couldn't see anything on the screen. The sun had blocked out all of the stars, only the moon was visible at 6 A.M. Then I remembered this passage, and the passage referring to hidden manna, and decided to turn off the atmosphere on that date. I checked for an occult, or that which is hidden, and there it was at 6 A.M., Uranus, Jupiter and the moon all in conjunction. This is referred to as an occult conjunction. I expected to find it at sunrise, because Lucifer is Latin, and it literally means day star, or morning star. So I was looking for some time around the sunrise.

I have been a Business Technology classroom teacher for 28 years, and I am the senior pastor of Logos Christian Fellowship, in Leesburg, Florida (22 years). I have earned a Bachelor's in Economics, a 5th year Education Teaching Certificate, a Master's in Christian Education, a Master's in Educational Technology, a Doctorate of Ministry in Christian Education, and I am completing a second Doctorate in Instructional Technology and Distance Education (Ed.D) at Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

I am a Viet Nam Veteran. I served the first three months in 1967 with the Bloody Red One, 1/26th, of the 1st Infantry Division. I was transferred out after the battle of Ap Gu, April 1st, 1967, when my unit was devastated. I went to Jungle Devil School in Phan Rang and transferred to Recon, of the 101st Airborne, 2nd 502, Strike Force Widow Makers. I served there for nine months through February of 1968 as a rifleman and a team leader. When I returned to the states I was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division at Ft. Bragg, N.C. Airborne.


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