Tips for Tailoring Spacetime Fabric
Tips for Tailoring Spacetime Fabric
Volume Two
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Brace yourself for something new:

o Two scientists summon an angel … and succeed!

o It's 2053 and keeping our national parks pristine is taken very, very seriously.

o How do you abandon New York City without leaving a smoking ruin?

These are Tales of Technofiction--stories where internal consistency matters as much as characters. Welcome to a Tales of Technofiction book.

I don’t like Jackson’s cyberspace office. It’s severely formal, a place that conceals more than reveals. I don’t like Jackson, either. His image is bland: A bald man sitting behind a large desk positioned in front of his diplomas. The side walls are bookshelves filled with scholarly works, all by dead authors long beyond controversy. Around the reality room are potted plants, no endangered species, and pictures of colorful birds and butterflies—only still pictures, Christ! The desk is the nearest brush with controversy. It’s a lushly finished rosewood, and rosewood is extinct, but it’s been extinct for so long that no pressure group has figured out how to blame the living for its demise.

Yet this person with the blandest of cyber offices is heading up the Methuselah Project. There must be strength in those hands flipping over the dossier and cunning under that chrome-dome cranium cover, but what sort of strength is it?

I know my strength. I’m here now because I know how to make people happy to see me, women mostly. As a matter of fact, I’m a bit tuckered out from all the Thank You’s I was delivering last night to those who helped me get this plum assignment.

Author bio coming soon.

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