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In September of 1992, I entered into the United States Marine Corps boot camp, with zero military background and a desire to be challenged and see the world. My family in Jamaica were shocked, because I was a quiet young man, that loved a good book, and enjoyed being a dedicated Christian in my community. I did not need discipline, but what I got out of boot camp was life changing. After 13 weeks I was among the few the proud the Marines. Many of this generation young men, know nothing of want, they choose to stay at home and be pampered by their parents, this should not be. Boys need to be challenged to develop into strong men. Take up the challenge and read this book.
This book was written by myself, inspired by God, after I buried my father in law, in August of 2008. I believe boys need a strong man to follow into manhood. Boys need men to guide them in life, no disrespect to women, but a boy need a man in their lives. Whether its the mentorship community programs, or the boys scout. Men have a very important role to play in this world, they need guidance to succeed at it.
The author was born and raised in Jamaica, although riches were not in abundance, love grows very strong on the Island. Each family look out for other families in the community, disappointingly this is not practiced around the world. At age 17 he left Jamaica and immigrated to the United States of America, He graduated from High school on the honer roll and join the Marines. He has been writing short stories and poetry since the age of 12. Thus, he has written several books, and publish three of his works, with many more to come. While in the Marines, He had done countless missions to help the poor, the needy, widows and orphans. He did several sessions on "Marriages in the Military". Won countless awards, both in the military and around the local community. But his greatest success is his family. He accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior at the age of 16, that has been his driving force for success. The rest as they say is history. Take up the challenge and read the book.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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