Just Ask
Just Ask
How You Can Hear From God
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Ever wonder what it would be like to hear from God?

Since the age of seven, Jane Swanko has heard from Him regularly.  He tells her all sorts of things about her own life - opportunities to be seized, situations to be avoided - about the lives of people around her.  There is nothing exceptional about Jane's gift.  In fact, the premise of this book is that anyone can hear from God and be guided by His extraordinary wisdom and healed by His awesome power.

Jane offers a step-by-step approach to prepare the reader for a new and personal relationship with God.  She explains how and why the mind and heart are critical in the process and how to distinguish our inner thoughts (intuition, gut reactions, and the like) from the actual voice of God.

Referring to her personal experiences and those she has shared with many well-known people, Jane tackles a number of controversial topics: whether generational curses exist and the extent to which they are bound by the sins of our forefathers; how personal loss, faith healings and coincidences can be rationalized; and how religion and the occult impact our ability to be in touch with God on a super-personal level.

Hearing from God is the most precious and wonderful gift anyone can ever hope to receive.  "Just Ask" offers an insightful approach to obtaining this gift and the life-changing benefits that come with it.

Chapter 1 "Lessons From A Dove"

I was seven years old when I first recognized God's presence.  I had stayed home from school and was sitting on the steps of our staircase waiting for my mother to return from running a quick errand.  Suddenly, a beautiful white dove flew through a window pane on the side of our front door.  I was astonished because the glass did not shatter.  Rather the window seemed to break open in a very slow motion to allow the bird to enter, then immediately reconstituted itself.  Imagine a stone creating ripples in a still pond and the water becoming calm again after the stone passes through its surface:  the bird was the stone and the window pane was the water.

I was overjoyed to see the dove and I did not think twice about the extraordinary way in which it entered the house.  I tried desperately to catch the bird as it flew above me, but it soon found its way out the back door.  As you would think, no one believed my story because the window pane was not damaged.  Not my mother or father, not any one of my nine brothers or sisters, not even our family priest.  What took place that day was meant only for me, and it changed my life forever.

In may be overly simplistic to suggest that the dove, as real as it was and still is to me, actually represents God, and my chasing after it a reflection of my desire to be close to Him even at that young age.  That may or may not be true, but I do know that my experience with this dove was my first true lesson about faith and it led me to a new relationship with God.


Jane Swanko was born and raised in Coral Gables, Florida. She was a nationally ranked water polo player in high school and attended the University of Miami where she later became an adjunct professor of sports marketing.  She founded a successful public relations firm and represented judicial campaigns, attorneys, entertainers, financial institutions and sports figures in Miami, New York and Boston.  She now creates and writes television dramas.

Jane and her husband, Bob, live in South Florida with their two children, Bailey and Bobby.

For more information, contact Joan Vento Hall at 310-556-7840.



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