from Lightness bleeds the Dark within
from Lightness bleeds the Dark within
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This book of poetry encompasses and enriches the reader with rich imagery and great humor. The satire of life may be directly related to the experiences and follies of our delicate human nature and the lessons wherein we may learn when we choose to smile and laugh, rather than turn to anger and bitterness. It is truly the strengths that are derived from our most difficult struggles that can teach us to be patient in our journey towards perfection. Not everything will be easy nor attainable, but it is within each of us to continue to strive to better ourselves despite the self-inflicted debacles we commit or the conflicts we face. It takes a better person to stand aside and laugh at oneself when times of conflict occur,...and in that moment, we may be enlightened and gain humility in this great journey called life. These poems reflect these moments of enlightenment, melancholy, satire, struggle, heartache, humor, and the pure, insatiable satisfaction life brings to all of us.
from Lightness bleeds the Dark within. prancing demons, this bleak chagrin to form no mind in sturdy paths nor write the wailing epitaphs. of goodly parents, came the boy who taught in empathy, soothes, & joy. yet, mired in his own demise were varied views in dark disguise. now, a shadow plagues sad dreams wherein green meadows, to free his being, he shouts towards heavens rolling clouds, until the rains dream-cleanse the shroud. and soaked in tears of heaven-sent, he bears a good & wicked blend of prose to meet such unruly fire that burns of moist auburn desire. please all bear witness to the juncture when piercing bleeds this open puncture and droplets of both Light and Dim will dance in puddles of tangled whim. kim chul Babcock © 2009
Kim Chul Babcock is a first generation Korean-American. He was born in Kwang Ju, South Korea and emigrated to the United States at eleven months old. An amazing American family adopted him and he later became a citizen during the Bicentennial year of the United States in 1976. At a very young age, his interest in the Arts and Music became prevelent. He studied drawing, painting, poetry, and played the violin. His interest in poetry continued throughout his adolescence and into his professional life. He describes his poetry as his satirical journey through life and his travels. He claims that his great love of life is directly attributed to being raised by a loving, honorable, and generous family.

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