A Love Like Ours
A Love Like Ours
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This collection of poetry is set on a sequence of boy meets girl, falls in love, has fight, makes up, then lives happily ever after.

Once upon a time there was an artist, an artist of clay.

He was very talented and very successful. People came from miles around to commission him to do their likeness.

With all this success he was still filled with sadness because he could not find his true love, his soul mate.

From time to time, in his loneliness, he would hide away in the corner of his studio, where no one else was allowed to go.

There he would sculpt away at his mind's image of the perfect woman for him.

When he was a child he had a dream of growing up, falling in love and getting married but in all of his dreams the woman never had a face. So was the reason he was unable to finish the masterpiece of his true love - His Goddess.

One day this artist was walking down the busy street when he saw a beautiful young girl waiting for the shuttle bus. He was paralyzed by her beauty and by her presence. He knew he had finally found the true woman for him. The woman of his dreams!

He went immediately to his studio and finished his work of clay.

He was so taken by the thoughts of finally bringing his dream girl to life; he stayed awake for days just admiring her beauty in his art.

Each week he waited by the bus stop just to get a glimpse of her, standing in the shadows, unable to move toward her to introduce himself.

He thought of sending his work of clay to her but knew it would be too much too soon.

Sitting alone in his apartment, he started writing a poem, a love poem. The one he had written in his mind to this unknown woman over this time. So many things he wanted her to know about his heart's desires.

He was so inspired he started writing her another love poem, then another and another. Until he had written so many scripted words he was totally confused about which one to send to her first.

After days of agonizing indecision he put the poems in a book form, drawing pictures and including photographs.

When he had completed his project and was looking over his work, he began to cry.

Out of this one moment, in finding the love from within himself for this woman, he had created his most talented work.

His love-struck heart had created an artwork of love.

Author bio coming soon.

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