How the English Language Controls the World
How the English Language Controls the World
Part One: Social Control Through Social Order/Part Two: Angular
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     "CAN ONE BOOK CHANGE THE WORLD? The answer is a resounding 'Yes!' In his first book, Jack Tafoya unveiled How NUMBERS CONTROL OUR LIVES. This book goes a step further to challenge the two all-time best sellers in a way never seen before. Jack explains the covert connection between the bible - The Word of God, and the dictionary - God of The Words. And more importantly, how the English Language controls our civilization.

     This book explains how the English Language is the source of power behind religion, education, and the government, the ultimate tool of social control that hidden and powerful interests use to enslave us. It shows how the dictionary defines the way thoughts and concepts are formed using English as the language medium. It also reveals how the bible defines behaviorism, religious beliefs, and social mores, while serving as a foundation for government in the U.S., Canada, and Britain.

     This one-of-a-kind book offers you a very clever and provocative look at how the English Language is used to manipulate people's thoughts and how America has become the pawn to control the worlds masses. It lays out clearly how language shapes human thought (via the media) and how large bodies of human thought energy can shape events. It takes the reader deep into the mystery surrounding the origins of the English Language, the most ingenious and diabolical mind control tool ever devised by man. How could anything be more powerful, dictatorial, and persuasive than this? This book has the answers, painstakingly brought forth by its author over many years of deep research. It explores how separate languages were selectively merged together to form a powerful, covert tool. This synthesis became the 'vicarious', 'confusing', Universal English Language that controls us all.

       Was language the invention of a race of aliens to keep humanity under control? Were they the original creators of mankind? And what are their ties to the Illuminati and the early Hebrew nation? Was the language code code sent to us from the 'future' (being now) via time travel (by us)? It almost frightens one to think that MAYBE, out there somewhere in the Universe, are beings that have computer systems that are so colossal, huge, and amazing that they can store all the literary works of man. Or can they? Maybe our language is so open-minded in its complex possibilities, and their computers are designed only to store what they think MIGHT be the upper limit of what mankind can express in language.

     Science is finding that we exist in multiple locations and in multiple universes in time and space. This book opens that door for the reader to explore the origins of the English Language.

     Do mere patterns of numbers in words and equivalences between them create prophecies that are destined to come true? The answer is 'yes'. This being so, then words place their marks on us and coerce us to obey them. Numbers are projected and set in motion in rhythmic patterns and sequences through words; first by universal cosmic forces and then by environmental forces (via the media).

     Letters, symbols, and words are used to formulate codes which are given special meanings and hidden significance in numerical values called Gemetria, information and communication keys that are structured and arranged systematically into language or sets of laws and principles found in separate cultures. Each of these cultures has a separate language. It is the Universal English Language coded by numbers that is the main issue of this writing, this 'uncovery'. This work explores the merging together of several languages that started this development along separate paths and later fused it into one language. This synthesis became the 'vicarious', 'confounding', Universal English Language, a replacement for Esperanto, the once planned universal language by German scientist Dr. L. L. Zamenhof. (Read about  "AmErica the Frankenstein Monster" and Dr. Zamenhof in Part One chapter 5).

     The two best selling books in existence are the bible and the dictionary, but ask yourself, "who questions the dictionary or the language"? The answer is No One! The reader is invited to see how this applies to the English Language and its structure and usage in the United States of AmErica, what I term the great "Frankenstein Monster" created by (Mother) England to fight her wars. produce much of her goods, and to "clear the jungles" (colonize) for her so that she can take over by using the USA and other countries for her own benefit.

     Jack Tafoya spent years as a nationally known jazz entrepreneur in NYC where he produced many major jazz concerts and recordings and hosted his own weekly prime-time TV and radio shows called JAZZ ADVENTURES WITH JACK TAFOYA.  Mike Wallace of "60 MINUTES" in an interview said "Jack Tafoya almost single-handedly sponsored a revival of jazz in NYC". Jack left his successful career in 1979 after being prompted in a vision by 'guides' telling him to "break the secret number codes." He began his research by spending time with the Mayan and Incans. Over the next twenty five years of dedicated research Jack uncovered number codes that were hidden for centuries by secret societies dating back to biblical times.

     Robert Moore, an ardent student of Jack Tafoya's Metanumersyllogy course and co-author of Volume Two has a background in physics, science, mathematics, music, and the visual arts. His extensive studies and experiences include the metaphysical arts and sciences such as astrology, numerology and ufology.

     Robert says "Jack Tafoya is a man of vision, one who has tapped into an incredible source of truth and inspiration. He has been given a rare and precious gift, one of insight and understanding far beyond that of most people, an ability to 'see the unseen and peer into the inscrutable unknown". Jack's work unveils information that has been forbidden to the general public and held as tightly guarded secrets for centuries; subject matter that churches, governments and those in power don't want revealed. With amazing incisiveness, Jack deals with topics that are of utmost importance to all of us, and he does it with the adept use of language through poetry, scholarly discourse , metaphysics and philosophy. The blending of information from these two scholars provides a rare glimpse into profound knowledge that controls the world.


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