The Contemporary Gentleman & Etiquette Book for the Urban Sophisticate
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The old-fashioned, repressed, bland man has been banished to the Himalayas and a new breed is taking center stage. He is a man of style, sophistication, and security, just as strong and confident as his predecessor, but far more diverse in his interests, his tastes, and, most importantly, his self-image. He may be seen at an NBA game one night and an art gallery opening the next.

is that much needed fusion between being a gentleman and being sexy. This savoir-faire man's guide walks every man through the stages of ordinary to excellence in just two hundred pages.

Perfect for that coffee table discussion, Bereolaesque lends quality information to everyday people and celebrities alike. Beyond the book's mysteriously eye capturing cover are innovative and appealing ways to maneuver through life's crazes, while keeping cool and maintaining manners.

In the midst of a world plagued with economic turmoil, tasteless politics and dark behavior, the gentleman is refreshing and necessary.

Bereolaesque is for every man and every woman who believe that chivalry is NOT dead, and individuals who are willing to learn exactly how far something as simple as being a gentleman and proper etiquette can get you in life. Not to mention, ladies are always quite pleased to meet a real gentleman...

"Class is subconscious. Style is inherited. Bespoke is a state of mind. The commonality is that they are all in choice. This book teaches you to be exceptional in every way."

Kenny Burns
Lifestyle Specialist/Celebrity Personality
Former VP of Roc-A-Fella Records
Co-Founder of RyanKenny, 1st black designers featured in Saks Fifth Avenue since 1980s

"Bereola is the consummate urban sophisticate. His newest release BEREOLAESQUE takes a man on a journey to personal and social refinement. He leaves no stone unturned as he answers the question of the relevance of the modern gentleman. It is a must read for men of style or those on a quest to become one, "Bereolaesquely" speaking of course!"

Alex O. Ellis
Author, Restoring the Male Image
Founder, Tied To Greatness

"This book is like the father or big brother to all those who don't have etiquette or style, but want it and long to learn it. It will instruct them to be simple yet fresh, seen but mysterious."

Aaron Arnold
CEO, Music Is My Business
Former member of Sean "Diddy" Combs' executive team
"CNN deemed Aaron 'Diddy 2.0' because of his style"


Political & Commentary Contributor, Concrete Loop
No. 1 Urban Lifestyle & Entertainment blog on the web
Top 50 websites of 2008, TIME magazine

“Man to watch for 2009!!”

Clutch Magazine
January 2009

“Bereola is making it sexy to be a gentleman again!”

"One can't help but to feel as suave as Billy Dee Williams – the Dean of debonair – after exploring Bereolaesque."

Jawn Murray
AOL Black Voices

"Enitan is in his own ballpark. Behold Bereolaesque. The book gives lifestyle tips to men about how to impress the ladies, the clients and have fun while doing it. Read it, guys!"

Sister 2 Sister Magazine
Sept. 2009

"The book reads like a jocular yet well spoken gentleman's manual with a certain savior faire and joie de vivre. He's making manners sexy."

KRAVE Magazine

"Bereola is bringing sexy back through art, education and minding his Ps & Qs."

The Atlanta Examiner
October 2009

"This modern masterpiece is exactly what I’d recommend for those who want to have and learn about etiquette and style. Bereola serves as a “big brother” guide on the journey from ordinary to excellence."
Enitan Bereola II has taken the boring concept of manners and made it beautiful, again! He penned "BEREOLAESQUE: The Contemporary Gentleman & Etiquette book for the Urban Sophisticate," and in a short moment, has garnered the interest of celebrities and pop-culture alike. As an award-winning, two-time bestselling author, celebrity ghostwriter, speaker, etiquette impresario, producer, Beverly Hill's relationship advice columnist, Soul Train columnist and Essence Magazine relationship advice contributor, his voice reaches generations. Bereola has worked on projects with Hill Harper, Michelle Williams, Meagan Good, Bryan-Michael Cox & more. He’s exercised his etiquette on FOX News and dished dating advice to NBC Niteside, BET and MTV-u. His writing has been discussed on the nationally syndicated Russ Parr Morning Show and he’s been featured on the covers of Equanimity, American Dreaming Magazine and Detroit's Front Page. The author was selected as one of BLACK ENTERPRISE Magazine’s Young & Bold Business Leaders and has been deemed a History Maker by the HistoryMakers' national organization. He recently paired up with Beats By Dre's "Show Your Color" campaign to spread his gentleman message as well as Jay-Z and Steve Stoute's Translation, LLC advertising & marketing company. Most importantly, Mr. Bereola believes in giving back. He has partnered with the Alice E. Foster Scholarship Program through the San Jose Links, Inc. who sponsors scholarships for high school graduates exiting the foster care system. He is also partnered with Autism Speaks through American Dreaming Magazine who donates 100% of profits from POP displays at retailers. The author has adopted his former high school – Piedmont Hills, to contribute 20% of his Barnes & Noble book sales to help fund student programs. Bereola has been a keynote speaker and panelist at over 50 colleges & universities. He's been invited to speak at Harvard, Stanford and Tufts. The book is a required part of Bermuda College and Kansas State University's curriculum. Enitan is currently touring the U.S. & abroad teaching men how to become contemporary gentlemen and women how to become gentlewomen. He's set to release part II of his Bereolaesque Series entitled, "GENTLEWOMAN."

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