Poems of Moss and Water
Poems of Moss and Water
Perfect Bound Softcover
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In a world where atrocities take place right next to the purest forms of love, so tight is the blindfold cast upon one’s conscience that one can easily spend a whole life in complete obliviousness of both the beauty and the horror of it all... And when one does grasp what really went on, it is too late.

The author share his fresh and quite original sense of reality and this book of poems soon takes over one's heart and soul with a seldom felt sense of openness and a renewed vision of the world that surround us.

• Illusion • At a crossroads of my memory • words are spun tightly • to surround reality • At the swerve of treacherous paths • steep cliffs are crossed • on words cast like overpasses • I must cage in life at all cost • and at last brace the future • But often in my dreams • on an island I am, alone • Bridges at all four corners • ease a way out • bridges of moss, bridges surreal • that take to air at the lightest breeze • of my thoughts • I ensnare myself in a trap of my own • unaware of life and of destiny.

Ray Miot came to Montreal from Port-au-Prince. He studied at McGill University and completed a Bachelor's degree in Economics at University of Montreal. He returned to his country in 1984 to follow into his father's footsteps, and became a medical doctor.

Just as his father before him, he was always fond of poetry. He started writing again upon his return to Montreal, in 2004. His work has gained in depth and insight, and each one of his carefully crafted poems holds a small gleaming world within itself. The subject did remain the same though, and it is all about love, loss, hurt, pain and the all encompassing hope that the world might become a better place.


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