The Grassy Knoll Witnesses
The Grassy Knoll Witnesses
Who Shot JFK?
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The assassination of President John F. Kennedy has been a case that to this day has not been solved.  This book presents the Eyewitness testimony of many witnesses that were never called by the Warren Commission.  It goes into detail about the shot from the Grassy Knoll, and what the witnesses heard and saw.  Over fifty witnesses to the crime claimed beyond a reasonable doubt that the fatal head shot to JFK came from a Picket Fence on a Grassy Knoll.  It includes many interviews that have never been printed in book form before. Featured witnesses include; Jean Hill, S.M. Holland, Lee E. Bowers, Jr., Ed Hoffman, Beverly Oliver, L. Fletcher Prouty, Dr. Charles Crenshaw, and many others...

Jean Hill: "I frankly thought they were coming from the Knoll.  When I saw the flashing light and the puff of smoke, I knew that's where the shots were coming from."

Lee E. Bowers, Jr.: "At the time of the shooting, in the vicinity of where these two men I have described were, there was a flash of light."

Sam Holland: "There was a shot fired from behind that picket fence.  I heard the report and saw the smoke from behind that fence."

Officer Joe Marshall Smith: "A woman came running up to me and said they are shooting the President from the bushes."

Austin Miller: "I immediately heard two more shots come from the arcade between the book store and the underpass."

Ed Hoffman: "I saw a man standing by the fence and the rifle was on the ground.  He picked it up and aimed toward his target."

Includes over 30 Color Photographs of  Dealey Plaza (the assassination site in Dallas) taken by Mr. Yardum.


Harry A. Yardum was born in New York City.  His interest in the assassination of President Kennedy started on a hot day in Dallas, Texas in August of 1968.  On a business trip with his family, he went to Dealey Plaza to see the site of the assassination.  The people with Harry were a group of employees who worked for his family.  They all stated that it was common knowledge in Dallas that the shot that killed President Kennedy, the fatal head shot, was fired from the right front of the motorcade.  This sparked an interest in the case that has lasted a lifetime.  Mr. Yardum started his research into the JFK case when he was just thirteen years old, over 40 years ago.  Many of his unique photographs of Dealey Plaza have been published in numerous books over the years.  A professional drummer and salesperson, he lives on Long Island with his wife Neva, and their two cats, Winnie and Dandelion.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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