Put a Little Light in Your Life
Put a Little Light in Your Life
A Guide to Sending and Receiving Positive Energy
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The power of light is infinite. This book brings you a way to tap into Light's life changing resource. You will learn to work with Light and to use it as a tool for all aspects of your life. It will help you in personal growth and with your inner spiritual connection to God. This is a guidebook from the Light and for the Light. It will inspire and renew you. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey this book will help you to connect to your Soul and Source of all. A Book of Light is a guide to how to use light to transform the mind, emotions, and body in every area of life, such as: easing the pain of losing a loved one stilling the mind creating emotional balance and harmony opening up creativity and intuition resolving conflicts releasing worry clearing energy blocks dispelling judgments ending the dark night of the soul.
The Light of Acceptance The more the Light of acceptance is brought into your being, the more you will be able to deal with who you are and what you encounter in life. When you accept who you are, you can then be grateful for the whole of your being. You can also learn to accept others wholly. You can accept yourself and others because you understand the soul is living to learn life’s lessons. When you encounter challenging circumstances, you begin to see and accept how this will help you to grow. At some point in your meditation work, you will encounter parts of yourself that you do not care for and have kept hidden from yourself and the world. You will find that through acceptance, you can allow the hidden side of your self to emerge and be dealt with. You learn to be okay with who you are and then to love and accept yourself. You may find things that you wish to change and you can begin to take steps to take action to do that. You can make those changes with patience, understanding and the Light of Love. When you are on the spiritual path, you build a foundation that allows you to be who you are. If you take spiritual retreats, you will find that because you do not have a lot of distractions, you will begin to see wholly into yourself. Acceptance will emerge as you observe yourself. The Objective Observer can be used to watch and accept yourself with Love. You release the blocks you may have held in place and let the whole self merge. You may have been functioning with just the higher Self and ignoring the body and emotions. The body, emotions and soul need to be allowed to work together and as you accept all of yourself, you can be complete. As this happens, you gain great compassion that can be used to relate to others on the path. People will be very appreciative to you for being accepting. When you accept others, it helps them to accept themselves. They will get the sense that you see them for who they really are. When you can accept life and the challenges it brings, you will have a tool that sees you through all of the tests that come your way. To practice acceptance, follow these steps: 1. Go into a state of meditation and take deep clearing breaths; 2. Go into the silence; 3. In the Light of the soul say, “I accept all of myself and who I am;” 4. Allow any part of your hidden self to emerge into the Light; 5. Give it Love and send it brilliant Light; 6. Observe if you would like to release this part, if so ask for strength to do so; 7. Know you have the power to accept it and release it and change; 8. Breathe the Light of acceptance and Love into your entire mind, body and soul; 9. Be grateful for all that you are and thank God for your self. This same process can be used with challenging life situations. If you can be in a place of acceptance, you will find great peace. You will be able to love who you are as God loves you.
Cindy Paulos is a minister, writer, speaker, teacher, artist, composer, lyricist and videographer, as well as an award-winning radio and TV personality. Cindy has been writing inspired poetry and words of wisdom for most of her life. She began her spiritual connection at the age of 12, which expanded into a profound experience of Light at age 15. Since then, she has received inspiration and guidance from her spiritual source through messages and song. She has produced a CD series of her original poems set to music, entitled Inspirational Messages By Cindy. Rev. Paulos received her ministerial credentials at the age of 17 from the University of Metaphysics in Los Angeles where she became the youngest instructor to ever teach there. Dr. Paulos has been teaching meditation and how to connect with God ever since. In l978, she received her Doctor of Divinity degree. In addition, she is an accomplished composer. Inspired by the transition of her mother, Paulos produced and recorded her first album of original songs entitled, "There Is A Forever.' it's available at http://brightlightmusic.com/.Her new award winning featuring her music and lyrics is called, Practicing Aloha". For more information on that go to http://practicingaloha.com/. Rev. Paulos also has created an app to reduce while flying called the Travel Angel. For information go to ttp://thetravelangel.net/. Producer and host of hundreds of radio, television and live shows, and a renowned radio talk show host for over 30 years, Paulos now hosts the longest running talk show on Maui, interviewing celebrities, political leaders and spiritual teachers.

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