The Master
The Master
Be Your Personal Best
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This practical guide is told through the narrative of the Master and Apprentice relationship, where the apprentice asks the Master to teach him about life and love, the mystery and the secret, the essence and the realm, thereby seeking person fulfillment or enlightenment.  This sets the stage for the seven noble truths of human dynamics to be explored through various analogies such as the brain, the cave, the wheel, and the watchman.  What emerges is real insight into the human condition, self-realisation and the discovery of psychological intelligence.

'We believe that every experience creates the person we are and it does. We learn and grow from each experience but then we become conditions of our own experience especially when we stop to think about our actions. Our perception has been our reality and we no longer need to be trapped within that perception prison, we are free to decide, free to choose, free to create the life, the person we want to be, the direction and more importantly our fate. And within our cave, our subterranean landscape lies all the wonder of the world.'

Paul Corke lives in Wirral, England. He specialises in leadership development, training, business and life coaching, psychological intelligence and human dynamics. His first book called Being & Becoming: In Search of a Positive World is a rollercoaster ride of self discovery helping the reader to explore how we can develop the ‘Super You’ and acts as a Code for Life. The Master: Be Your Personal Best builds on themes from The Master Key System, What the Bleep, and The Secret as well as key motivational gurus such as Covey, Tracy and Robbins to illustrate Paul’s theory of Psychological Intelligence and how we can be our personal best.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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