Coach, I didn't run because...
Coach, I didn't run because...
Excuses not to Run
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This book takes a serious as well as lighthearted look at making excuses in health, fitness and life in general. A complete list of excuses would be endless but this book sure is a good start! Categorized lists facilitate excuse making. It's excuse making by the number! From the ridiculous to the fantastic, from real to imagined and from sad to hilarious... this book captures the very essence of excuse making.

Then, get serious and get over it. Learn three foolproof techniques for getting past excuses and just doing it. The book is spiced up with personal stories from every day athletes who just get it done. You will learn from their inspiring stories and realize that you too can be an excuse-buster!

From Excuse to Motivation

Let me tell you a bit about the origins of this book and the original "Excuses Not to Workout" list.

The original excuse list was created over many years by running groups I have coached; specifically the High Performance Running Club and RxRunning & Racing Club in Tempe and Mesa, Arizona and Gilbert's Mesquite High School cross-country team. In addition, a number of non-club individuals have contributed to the ever growing list of excuses.

A portion of excuses date much further back to the late 1970s from the high school years of Greg Mason. Greg's list is courtesy of his Peoria Illinois high school coach. These ancient excuses were extracted from the stone tablets they were written on. It's funny to see how little the excuses have changed over the years.  

I also want to set the record straight, these excuses come from runners of all abilities. They are novice first-time runners to thirty-plus year veterans; teenagers to retirees; elite nationally ranked to back-of-the-packers. Be clear on this - no one is exempt!

During team meetings with the running groups we would state goals for the upcoming competitive season. In support of our goals we wanted to include some motivational fodder. In that vein, we would have a contest for the most creative, different or remarkable excuse for someone who didn't get a scheduled workout done during the past year. Duplicates were not allowed, but twists on the former excuses were.  Some excuses are derived from real incidents, some are quite fantasy; and yet some are real but seem like fantasy. In the end, everyone would vote for the "best" excuse. Of course, prizes and prides were at stake. Everyone wanted to have the best excuse not to get a run in. I do not - in any way – believe this book contains all the excuses for which not to workout. Quite the contrary, I firmly believe that this is a starting point from which everyone can build. There are as many excuses as there are people and these excuses are as unique as the person creating the excuse.

The book elaborates on the five major excuses people use for not working out derived from a landmark survey conducted by The National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA) in 1993. The NSGA did a survey of thousands of inactive people (less than 25 days a year fitness activity) and active people (more than 150 days a year of fitness activity). As you will see, the results were surprising and yet not so surprising.

This book is not just for runners however. Everyone who has ever endeavored to get in shape, embarked on a fitness program or stayed on a diet can benefit from reading this book. Excuses know no boundaries.

Over the 35 plus years of excuses during my own non-running periods, (yes, I've used a good portion of these excuses) and hearing excuses by so many others - I realized it would be handy to create a list to make it easier for everyone to easily choose an excuse. Voila! The handy-dandy every-excuse-you-ever-wanted-to-use excuse list is here. Now, in your running log just enter: Tuesday, #47; Wednesday, #141. It expedites conversations between runners – "It was a #221 day." In reality this is a very practical, efficient long-time needed tool.

The point of this book is to clearly demonstrate that anything can become an excuse - real or imagined. Ok, another purpose of this book is simply a catharsis and as a salute to every runner I know.

Dean Hebert: everyone calls him Coach Dean. He's a mental game coach, author and speaker.He works with individual athletes, parents, coaches, and teams on sports performance enhancement. Beyond his academic post-graduate work in sports psychology - the psychology behind athlete performance – he is a certified Mental Games Coaching Professional (MGCP), nationally certified running coach and certified hypnotherapist. You have to walk (or run) the talk... and Dean Hebert does! He was named 1996 Masters (over 40) Runner of the Year for the State of Arizona. He set the Arizona 40-45 year old age group 5K record, 15:59.6. With more than 100 career race victories and numerous course records to his name he is a premier state and regional athlete and nationally ranked master's runner. More than 95% of the athletes he coaches have reached new personal records... once they stopped making excuses.


Dean's passion for training is evident in every session he conducts. His style, personality and diverse knowledge-base maintain your attention and offer unique perspectives. Contact him to see, hear and feel the difference he can make to your work team, sports team or organization.


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