Rap N’ Facts ADDITION “Rap” Songs
Rap N’ Facts ADDITION “Rap” Songs
The Easier Way to Learn
Saddle Stitch Softcover
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Students and teachers will discover excellent results from the use of this proven educational teaching aid.  Two groups of students were tested in an educational study.  One group was taught using the traditional method for learning the addition facts and the other group used this proven new approach to learning.  Both groups were given a pretest and later a posttest.  The group that used this Music Rap method scored higher.  The pretest average was lower before the musical approach and higher on the posttest that followed the musical method.  Students love this rhythmic music and always look forward to each session.  There are two practice sessions and a section designed especially to allow the learner an opportunity to repeat the answers.  All students will benefit with “Rap N’ Facts” from the more challenged learner to those that are academically talented, so “Have Fun Learning!”



    1.   Explain to the students the importance of learning addition  facts and how this rote method of learning will enhance continued growth.


    2.   It is very important that the learner listens attentively in order to be able to respond to the rhythmic music.


    3.   This recording has been especially designed to help the learner as much as possible.  There are TWO practice sessions where the learner hears and says the correct answer and a THIRD section where the answers have been omitted.  This gives the students a chance to practice saying the answers from memory.


    4.   For even more variety, selected students may say the caller’s part when many of the facts have been retained, while others continue with the response.  From the research done using these facts, many students learned the caller’s part and the response because they enjoyed this method.

Dr. Myrtice Jackson-Collins is a professor at Jacksonville state university in Jacksonville, Al. Other experience includes having been a music specialist in the New London, Connecticut school system.  Her degrees include a Bachelor of Science in Music Education, a Master of Science in Music Education and a Doctor of Education Degree in Educational Administration all from Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN. 

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