Darby's Story
Darby's Story
The Life of an Adopted Dog
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Darby's Story- Gaining in popularity as an educational tool for uncertain pet adopters, this short book tells the heartwarming story of Darby, an unwanted, sheltered, rescued, and ultimately adopted dog, who brought great joy and happiness to his adoptive family. Given its format, this book is an excellent children's introduction to the issues, challenges, yet clearly underscoring the rewards of compassion through animal adoption, while maintaining a positive, cheerful message.


Martha was inspired to write after the family pet, Darby past away and her grown son was now serving our country. An effort to capture moments of 15 years of devotion, love and adventures the family shared together. Base on a true story between Darby and a 6 year boy growing up together on a farm in Northern California.



Once Drew stepped out of the car, Darby would jump onto the front seat. His sad expression would turn to one of pure joy. He would look at Drew, maybe thinking have a good one at school, or I got my seat back, ha ha. Darby then would look at me, taking his place as co-pilot, as if to say What are you waiting for? Let’s go.

Martha Steward lives in Northern California with her adopted cats Bear, Mim, Goober, and Widdles to keep her company, while waiting for her son to return on leave. So the stories will continue... Her future plans to write a second book about adoptable cats. The benefits and rewards of sharing your life with a feline, in Martha's case with four cats. Let's not forget Picabo the little horse that could....  


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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